A week ago, Congress said that it appeared Mr. Obama might be doing things that were not in the best interests of America or its Citizens.. The release went on to say that if it were discovered Mr. Obama's actions were malicious and deliberate - this is an Impeachable offence!

I would like to know how Congress can sit idly by while this administration deliberately and maliciously destroys this economy and the wellbeing of its Citizens - ignoring Federal Law and the Constitution - and continues to allow Mr. Obama to do whatever he will. How can this be? The excuse of gridlock in Congress has worn extremely thin and this can no longer be provided as a valid excuse. Essentially; the elected are in Congress to support citizens concerns - not their own agenda... If elected are blindly following a political agenda contrary to what is right for this Nation and its people they just might be placing themselves in a position that is not sustainable to their own wellbeing...... We the People just might fire them at the very first opportunity - regardless of their political party!

There are few but notable exceptions to the above and these men and women in Congress have become Hero's to the American public - and they are from both sides of the aisle! The rest of Congress should take strong and immediate note of this - as in failing to take note of it - will almost certainly find themselves in the unemployment line come the next election.

Citizens do not want "amnesty" for illegal aliens... very recent polls prove beyond a shadow of doubt that more than 70% of Americans favor deporting illegal aliens. And as a sidebar; We really do not appreciate this administration's manipulation of the English language to redefine the term "illegal alien" to "undocumented immigrant". To allow this is political pandering at its worst! These illegal aliens came to our country illegally (hence the term and dictionary definition) - and Mr. Obama wants to place them at the front of the line to gain citizen and voting status AHEAD of those who have been  lawfully  waiting years to gain entrance to this Nation?  How can this be in the best interests of the Nation? All this "amnesty" idea of his does is increase the number of people in welfare programs and place additional burden (11 Million of them)  on taxpayer shoulders! We already have at least 25 Million Americans either unemployed or under employed - how is adding 11 million more people to the job lines in our interests?

I submit it is a political ploy to gain more "voters" for Mr. Obama!



On February 8, 2013 Mr. Obama signed a presidential memorandum that overturned the 1997 prohibition against funding the Palestinian Authority (Hamas) - a known terrorist organization. He had previously funded them $192,000,000.00 ($192 Million) in 2012 and $400,000,000.00 ($400 Million) in 2010 - in defiance of Congress. The act of defying Congress in 2010 and 2012 quite possibly treasonous - while overturning the 1997 prohibition in 2013 extremely unwise in the face of current World events - at minimum.

Mr. Obama has made unprecedented expansions to social and welfare programs - contrary to the original intent of these programs - this has done nothing to enhance the economy of the Nation, rather it has encouraged those in these programs to remain a burden to the US taxpayer costing (2011 report) $1,028,000,000,000.00 ($1.028 Trillion) annually and works to increase our Federal deficit. In August of 2012 Mr. Obama removed the "seek work" requirement from welfare - promoting this burden to continue on the taxpayer.

All reporting economists agree; this act does nothing to encourage those in these programs to gain employment and they remain a burden to the taxpayer - at the above listed cost to taxpayers.......



To date; Mr. Obama has funded - with taxpayer dollars - more than $10,000,000,000.00 ($10 Billion) to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, he has also sent them 20 F-16 Fighters and 200 M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tanks.  He has spent $1,000,000,000.00 ($1 Billion) on a fleet of  WWII German submarines for them!

The Muslim Brotherhood who runs the Egyptian government  is linked by several intelligence agencies - foreign and domestic - to al-Qaeda. They have installed Sharia Law and are actively persecuting Christians and anyone who disagrees with what they dictate.

Just last week Mr. Obama  gave them another $250,000,000.00 ($250 Million)!


The Department of Homeland Security just spent $50,000,000.00 ($50 million) in Mexico for new employee uniforms - yet cuts the budget of the Border Patrol and releases violent felon illegal aliens on US streets... all the while claiming they had to do it because of sequestration. First of all, I agree civil servants need to be fiscally responsible with taxpayer money and get the best deals possible - but in this Nation's current economic climate - foolishness to the extreme,  spending this amount of money in Mexico instead of reinvesting said money in the US economy.......

On releasing violent felon illegal aliens on US streets? I cannot fathom how this could be interpreted as anything other  than a criminal act and a political ploy crafted to cause fear among citizens (rightfully so, the fear appears to be warranted!).


According to reports; This administration has funded $697,177.00 for a climate change musical, $100,000.00 for a climate change video game, $325,000.00 for robotic squirrels, $99,000.00 for hard alcohol, $400,000.00 for an oil portrait of a senior government official, $4,000,000.00 ($4 Million) for an IRS television studio,  $947,000,000.00 ($947 Million) for a NASA  "mission to Mars" menu - the list is almost endless!

To date; the US taxpayer has spent $1,400,000,000.00 ($1.4 Billion) on personal services and vacations for Mr. Obama... twenty-four (24) of them, which is more than all previous Presidents COMBINED!


It has become patently obvious to all but the deranged that this administration has a spending problem and cannot stop throwing taxpayer dollars down obscure rabbit holes. The actions immediately prior and subsequent to Sequestration showcase the issues:

Mr. Obama spends obscene amounts of taxpayer dollars on things Congress and Citizens do not approve of - and then furloughs Federal Workers without pay.... claiming he cannot afford to pay them because of sequestration.

This is lunacy and quite untrue! The truth is; if this administration would quit spending we would not have "sequestration" and there might be a chance of recovery within this fiscal year!

What we have all seen are deliberate political acts that are malicious and designed to deplete whatever funds we as a Nation still have and cause the most "pain" as possible during this sequestration. Today e-mails from the white House were leaked that state this exact thing, allegedly coming from Mr. Obama himself!

It does not take a Doctorate to research and understand what past Presidents - and this one - have spent during their tenure. It is actually quite easy to discover this administration has spent our Nation into poverty and continues to do so every day of the world. Current (November 2012) estimates have this administration spending $11,000,000,000.00 ($11 Billion) dollars a day - with revenues of only $5,000,000,000.00 ($5 Billion) dollars a day. This is not sustainable by any measure - with the exception of possibly a cartoon (a very bad cartoon). This administration has created a National deficit of more than $6 Trillion dollars on its watch  - more than all previous Presidents in the history of this Nation combined!

How can this possibly be rationalized as sustainable or in the best interests of this Nation or its peoples? I submit it is not sustainable and if Congress does not stop the hemorrhaging of taxpayer dollars very soon we will eventually reach a point where a taxpayer revolt will occur - one brought upon us by this administration and the lack of action by Congress.


So who is at fault here?

I submit the fault lies primarily within the executive branch (for being criminally irresponsible and continuing to spend what we do not have)  - but fault also lies within Congress, as they have had ample opportunity to put a stop to it - did not, and kept their collective (with above noted exceptions) head's down to escape notice.

The bottom line: If Congress fails stand up for citizens rights, fails to "pull the plug" and defund things like "obamacare", the EPA, DHS, etcetera.... we will soon be facing a crisis far worse than a Constitutional crisis.



Aubrey Mason

March 6, 2013

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  • Promises from politicians equate to appeasements.

  • after all i have read , it is justice that Obama needs to be impeached ,,, now!!!

  • Seems most folks in this congress are not worthy of sitting anywhere in America

  • Back in the same old ditch GOP working with DEMS. to change AMERICA to a 3rd world Country. Wake up the GOP will side with them and take your guns away from you to asure that they can take your wealth and give it to those they tell deserve it with out having to work for it. Wake up America they are changing your America to a SOCIALIST state controled by the Muslim Brotherhood Socialist DEMs / GOP.

  • What we can try to do is flood the Republicans with e-mails at GOProject@gop.com demanding that they stand together against the Dems. for the American People or feel the wrath in 2014 elections. They either protect the Constitution and  We the People or lose their jobs and join the unemployment like the 25 million  people that are already there !!! If not then we have one choice...RESISTANCE to tyranny, is OBEDIENCE to GOD !!!!

  • Sounds good to me when can we do it . Like i said we need to have a three million man march . And as far as why they haven't done it is because they are afraid of him or his skin color.

  • Jerry Lister, we don't need another petition.  We need a strong and serious march on Washington.

  • Works for me!!

  • Hey Frank W Brown, how about WOW!  (War On Washington).

  • I think what it really boils down to is that obummer's well-to-do liberal, Muslim, communist - socialist, homosexual, mafia tenders like George Soros, have bought off the whole group of senators and representatives.  Imagine what that had to have cost!  Probably at least a couple of bucks a piece.

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