Why I'm running for Congress

I love this country. I want my children and yours to grow up proud to be Americans where they can achieve their highest aspirations and become their highest, best selves. I want a country that is not buried in debt that stifles economic growth and devalues our currency. I believe in a country where everyone has the same opportunities, but not limited by government to the same outcome.

I believe that in world affairs, we should be respected by our friends and rightfully feared by our enemies, and where we would never ever even think about leaving Americans behind on a foreign field of battle. We should commit our sons and daughters to combat sparingly and when we do it is only because our citizens or vital national interest are at stake.  Our commanders on the ground control the fight and know before the first bullet flies what victory looks like. Then, when the battle is over, I want a country that holds its history and its veterans in a sacred place of honor as those among us who have fought and volunteered their blood for our Liberty. It was an outrage when this Administration denied the death benefits to the families of our fallen heroes in Afghanistan and closed the memorials to our combat veterans.


I want an America that citizens of other countries long to come to because we are a beacon of Liberty across the globe, but they do so legally. Those who do cross our borders illegally are not rewarded with federal entitlements that our hard working citizens pay for.  There is so much more to being an American than just being in America.

I want an America where our kids receive a quality education that prepares them not for a standardized federal exam, but to succeed in life. In our schools, parents and teachers together determine the course of their teaching not unelected bureaucrats in Washington. There is no provision in the Constitution for the federal government to be in charge of anyone’s education in the first place.

I will fight for an America that pays its bills, is fiscally responsible and adheres to the same economic principles as every American family has to. That is, that it can't spend more than it takes in and the American taxpayer isn't seen as the "piggybank" that can be tapped again and again to fund their liberal, progressive agenda.

My United States came with an owner's manual and it is called the Constitution. It is a document not to limit We the People, but to constrict the government's intrusion into our lives and to maximize our Liberty. We need to fight every day to ensure the government respects its sovereign masters, We the People, and adheres to its limits as set forth in the Constitution. Every bill proposed in Congress should have attached to it the provision in the Constitution that allows the federal government the power to act on that proposed legislation in the first place.


I believe we can have again a federal government that respects our individual rights and private property as set forth in the Bill of Rights.  These include our right to peaceably assemble, petition the government. The people should be respected as the sovereign masters of government when we do assemble, and not be confronted by mounted riot police complete with gas masks, batons and shields to intimidate 80 and 90 year old combat veterans in wheelchairs.

Americans have the right to possess firearms.  I am a gun owner and have no propensity to commit any violent crime. My firearms are to hunt, for sport and to protect my home, my life and my family.  The 2nd Amendment was included in the Bill of Rights, however, so Americans would always possess the capability to defend themselves against an oppressive government, or, if need be, overthrow it. A truly representative republic has nothing to fear from an armed populace.  Laws exist now to punish those who possess guns illegally and those who commit crimes with firearms. Those need to be enforced.  We do not need further laws to restrict the lawful ownership of firearms by law-abiding citizens.

We in the Tea Party have been demonized as “extremists,” and even “terrorists”.  Today we are being told by the main stream media that our movement is dead.  As you know, the Tea Party is not a political party. I am a lifelong registered Republican. I am also a Tea Party member. The Tea Party is not an organized force or political party.  It is an informal group of patriotic Americans connected by the idea that the government needs to control its spending, be fiscally responsible and accountable to We the People. I believe the government needs to control its spending and stop going into debt that we and our children will eventually have to repay.  America goes into debt at the rate of $50,000 a second, every second of every day. That is unsustainable and is not only a severe threat to our economy and our future but also to our national security.


Another threat to our economy and our national security is our failure to fully develop our domestic energy sources.  We have more natural sources of energy than the Middle East.  There is no reason for the United States to purchase oil from countries that not only do not like America, but actively support and fund our enemies. Developing domestic energy will bring energy independence, which brings independence from any influence from Middle Eastern countries while serving as the engine for economic recovery here at home.  This administration consistently shuts down or inhibits American energy development while supporting foreign sources. That has to be reversed.

I'm not an idealist. All of these proposals can be achieved. It just takes the right leadership in Washington. We have to find and support true Constitutional conservative candidates and fight to get them elected.  We have to do this for every level of government from your town hall to the capitol. The stakes have never been higher.  Our career politicians in Washington have become completely out of touch with the people they were hired to represent.  They argue and bicker with each other over the color of the drapes as the house burns down around them.

This is our challenge. This is our time.  If we don’t do this, who will? If not now, when?

I've been a leader throughout my entire career.  I've commanded two companies and a battalion in combat in Iraq. I'm very proud to say that I never lost of Soldier. Every one of the great Americans I had the honor to lead came home to their families with all their fingers and toes intact.  This is after hundreds of missions "outside the wire" doing reconnaissance, intelligence raids and patrols all over the country.  At one point I was in charge of over 1700 civilian and military subordinates. These included Americans, Iraqis, Turkish personnel and even a security company from Uganda.

I'm running for Congress in NY's 21st Congressional District.  Northern NY has suffered under liberal policies and agendas for years.  In my hometown of Ogdensburg, my father had two factories close underneath him, as did his brother in the Shade Roller factory next door.  We're still experiencing high unemployment, high taxes and essentially no economic growth.  When I left the military, I came home. I worked for St. Lawrence County as the Director of Emergency Services after my retirement from the Army.

While in service to the county as the Director of Emergency Services, I cut my budget by almost $200,000 in 18 months.  While at the same time I launched new initiatives to improve public safety and emergency communications for our over 2100 volunteer firefighters and EMTs.  I don't just talk about fiscal responsibility and cutting government spending, I've done it. I'll do it again as your Congressman in Washington.

My legislative experience will be put to work in Washington as well.  I've drafted resolutions and pushed them through legislatures. I've sat on and appeared before legislative committees and have had to reach across the aisle to come to bipartisan consensus to get things done. This isn't political theory to me. I've done this.  I will do it again, this time for America as your representative in Congress.

I can be reached either on my campaign website: http://www.joegilbertforcongress.org/ or on my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/JoeGilbertForCongress.

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  • Sir, as several of the others have stated that if I was from your District you'd have my vote and support. Also Sir, if you ever need someone to guard you back you can count on the old beat up NCO. May the Great Spirit watch over you and yours and guide yours and their steps through eternity.

    US Combat Veteran: Vietnam, '68-'69; 228th Avn. Bn. (ASH), 1st Cav. Div. (AM) and former Armored Cavalry Scout (19D30) and damned proud to have served and would do it again. (However, not under BHO and his Socialist Regime.)

    May the Great Spirit watch over all of us and guide our steps through out eternity.


  • Joseph - Good luck and God bless you in your endeavor; if I lived in your district, you would have my vote and any assistance I could offer.

  • I do not know what World History each of you has taken in your time. I do know that the support of what Obama supports has killed more people in the world than all the world wars, combined! Michael Moore should have some concrete shoes for his next trip to Cuba as this is what he supports! Wake up.... that is not a threat, just showing facts!

  • Chester Combs gave some facts as to where we are at. However, one of the biggest reasons those that support our freedoms in the start of their serving is that the Liberal media gives no voice in support of America; they claim to, but lie; misdirect; or blame others or objects for corruption and support Marxism in our politics! This is World History repeated. Note that Hitler had the support of two Catholic Churches before they found out their mistake! Obama ran as if a Christian and we found he is not just anti-Christ, but also supports Federal takeover of our freedoms. If you want to know if something is legal, go to Obama to see if you are next to go to jail, while supporting America and not even violating local or State laws! We note that Reid just attact our rights by limiting Congressional powers and we should have seen this coming. The one picture with him giving Americans the finger is basically true and in our face! Cut that finger off and you will see this fool Marxist give the other! The Liberal media supports anything these radical Socialists and Communists do. Just like what Hitler had!

  • Imagine that! A citizen who wants to serve leaving a better country for the next generations. ANd all without dreams of moving to Wash DC and carving out a slice of the pie for himself.

  • I strongly agree with you Mr. Gilbert. I must disagree with you on two points. First - the tea party is a political party. True it is small in comparison to the republican party - but we are growing larger everyday. While main stream republicans join the communist democrat party in an all out attack on America & the conservative movement - our numbers will continue to grow. I do not hear people in N.C. saying I am a republican but rather they are saying I am a conservative & I am anti Obama & the democrats. Second you refer to us as an informal group and not an organized party. Yes we are new on the political front - yes we are small in size & yes we are not as formally organized as the other two parties. This does not imply informality - a lack of a definite purpose or the determination to accomplish the goals we have set forth. We see daily attacks on our veterans & ordinary citizens by an out of control - illegal government. People recognize that Washington is taxing the middle class way to much - that the pisident is destroying more jobs than he thinks he creates - that the pisident is stripping us of more of our rights every day - that debt is crippling us to the point of default & that government agencies are now totally out of control -ineffective -hurtful and damming to our country. Even democrats are distancing themselves from the pisident as they are fearful of losing their jobs. 5,5 million people have lost their health care insurance. Go out & interview them. Ask them if they still support our communist pisident. Doctors are leaving the field of medicine rather than work under a tyrannical & oppressive government. The supreme court can not even decide the merits of osamacare on its provisions but instead must now call healthcare a tax. When have you ever heard of an industry or a service provided to the citizens a required tax. What day in our history have you ever experienced when a tax agency became an insurance provider. When have you ever seen the republican party stand by & allow one of it's bills in congress to be completely gutted - replaced with the wording of a completely new bill & passed into law. Please tell me when you have ever seen the republican party join with a pisident & turn on our own diplomatic staff & become a willing co-conspirator in the deaths of an ambassador & his staff. Yes I have to disagree with you on the status of the tea party. It is an organized party in the making & growing stronger everyday. Today I hear that one of the senate's most prolific idiots now wants to work with Rep. Ryan to develop a budget. Is she like other democratic senators who have become afraid of the tea party in 2014 or has she just experienced another radical transformational moment of co-operation. Remember the leopard never loses his spots & an elephant has never been transformed into an ant. Everything about the democrats equates to destruction of our country & our way of life. No one is immigrating to china or Russia for more freedom & job opportunities. The RINO's in congress have given up -they have thrown in the towel & have lost all their principles. They are not only dying but have killed themselves with their own hands & actions. With a 9% approval rating they are useless & totally destructive. I believe in americans - their intelligence & their spirit. The conservatives will leave the RINO's to die on the vine. The tea party will make a phenomenal showing in the 2014 elections & will become the dominant conservative movement in this country. I urge you to quit identifying yourself as a republican. I like your views that you expressed but feel that your association with the republicans might cause you to lose any election. Thus I call upon you to join the tea party & to help us grow & to restore America to her non-communist path. Help us to make America greater than she has ever been before.

  • the teaparty and a few other patriots are the last line of defense against this tyrannical government...if we fail and those we support fail....then its all over.....so we either support each other or.................

  • Good luck!


  • Sir, I may not be from your District or even from NY, but after read this report I like the way you talk. If I could I would campaign for you, so sir keep up the pressure.

    US Combat Veteran: Vietnam, '68-'69; 228th Avn. Bn. (ASH), 1st Cav. Div. (AM) and former Armored Cavalry Scout (19D30) and damned proud to have served and would do it again. (However, not under BHO and his Socialist Regime.)

    May the Great Spirit watch over you and yours and guide yours and their steps through eternity.


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