Recently there has been a media blitz on gay marriage rights. Soon the Supreme Court will address the issue and maybe rule on it but the issue is clearly an important constitutional fight. The first amendment to the Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion or impeding the free excersise of religion. To allow what God clearly calls an abomination would be a law that impedes the free exercise of religion for once the government allows and accepts it we the people will have no choice but to accept what goes against our religious convictions.

This fight is as important as our fight to protect gun rights for once the door is opened to the gay community then the law suits against religions will commence the first time they refuse to marry a gay couple. It is becoming well known that the Democrats have become the God-less party and they are doing everything they can to get rid of God from America. They have removed God from schools and now children are not learning about morals and because of this we are seeing children killing children more and more. Yet muslim religion is being reported to be taught more and more to our children in public schools.

This is not and should never be about hating gays. If people want to be gay, then so be it. This is about erroding the Constitution. This is about erroding our nations moral fabric. Recently most states voted against gay marriage yet the liberal media is reporting that as much as %85 of America approves of gay marriage which is a direct contradiction to way the states voted and more than likely another liberal lie. The gay communitee is estimated to be between %8 to %11 of the population yet if allowed to be married then another one of our rights will be gone.

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  • Here is something to think about. Chick-fil-a restaurant is known to be good to their gay employees. Yet the owner comes out in support of traditional marriage and it hits the fan. Demonstrations, city officials vowing to run them out of their city, building permits being denied because of the owners stance,  vandalism of restaurants. It happened.

    Now think whats going to happen if gays are granted the right to marry. How many small rural any denomination churches will be hit with lawsuits for violating a gay couples rights by refusing to marry them. The firs time a lawsuit is brought against a church is when the constitution will be violated. 

    We can throw every argument for or against gay marriage under the sun yet this is not what this blog is about. It is about protecting the constitution. Just like those people who hate guns. They think we should all get rid of our guns but its not about what they hate, its about protecting our constitutional rights as Americans. 

    Gays where given the option of civil unions which could of afforded them the same rights and privileges as being married yet that wasnt good enough for the gay community hates religion and marriage gives them the ability to take down religion. Thats why I view this as an end run against the constitution. Each and everyone of us here took a vow to protect the constitution which is why each and everyone of us should be against the SCOTUS from ruling in favor of gay marriage. If people want gay marriage then they should go about it the right way and have legislation enacted granting the right while protecting the constitution instead of having a judge over ruling an election results because they didnt like them.

    In the end I ask people to stop using this blog as a pro gay/anti gay battle ground for that is not what this blog is about.  

  • Jeff, the founders of this site value nothing more than freedom of speech, this is why there is so much content on the site that is not moderated.  We probably have less rules than any other site I've seen.  We are not condoning or approving of anything.  Yes we have our values.  We also have freedom of speech, so you wish that amendment to just go away if we don't agree with what's being said?

    I moderate as to the rules of this site, THAT is my job, which is by the way totally a volunteer effort.  However, you need to look at the rules of this site.  Free speech is our first highly valued and fundamental right.  You have the right to state your opinion yet you seem to want me to moderate out opinions you disagree with?  That's not my job.  My job is to stop arguments, stop name calling and try my best to keep the site peaceful while allowing anyone who wishes to speak that opportunity.

    So although I personally may not agree with what might be posted then do I have the right to delete it?  As long as nobody is threatening, cursing or calling names then what is it you would have me do, Jeff?  You want me to moderate on a biased basis?  Want me to censure people just because they don't fit with what my particular opinion is?  Or what yours is?

    Even you took the time to paste in this:  

    (Yes, We Are A Christian Nation) You don't have to be a Christian to enjoy freedom.  The Tea Party welcomes all Red Blooded U.S. Citizens.  (Welcomes ALL Red Blooded U.S. Citizens.  Please note the word ALL!!

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    Our rules are very simple 1. No Spam 2. No Trolls 3. No Bashing 4. No Porn 5. No Profanity 6. No Plagiarism 7. No Racial Slurs 8. No Threats on ANY E…
  • Four pages ago I tried to stop this train wreck, but you decided to bring it back to life.  Now the disagreement is with yet another member.  So you want two members removed from the site because they don't agree with you or you with them.  We have almost 28,000 members.  We are going to have some who are libertarians who are the swing voters for the most part.  If we removed everyone from the site because someone else calls them a progressive or a liberal or whatever we probably would have very few members.

    We don't moderate unless people break the rules, i.e., calling names, inciting violence and/or breaking any of the other rules.  Which at this point I don't see happening.  What is it you want me to moderate, Jeff?  Can we really remove everyone that someone disagrees with?  What if on some other thread they say your point of view is wrong?  Do you want removed on that basis?

    The rules for joining are; Are you an American citizen?  Do you agree Obama needs removed from office?  And, Do you agree to disagree without being disagreeable?  That's it.

  • Please see these quotes from our founders.  We really need accurate information.  If you find it to be inaccurate, please do let me know because I want the best information I can get.  Thank you.

  • FreeSpirit, sorry for the late reply. The whole point is the courts are making law here, not the legislation branch of our government and in doing so are ignoring the people. The contitution does allow this to a point but with the courts making the laws grantng the gay community the right to marry they are doing nothing to protect our constitutional rights.

    It is no secret that the gay community hates religion with a passion because religion does not condone their lifestyle. How the gay community was deemed to be a minority that deserved civil rights is a topic all of itself but with the courts making the laws for this there is no checks and balances to protect religion or the freedom of religion. There is nothing to stop a gay couples suing churches for refusing to marry them claiming they violated thier civil rights. Then churches will have a choice. Either close their door for the cost of defending against the legal action would prohibit the church from staying in existance or condone what doctrine demand be abhored. Either way the right to freely worship has just been infringed upon an the constitution has been violated.

  • Hi folks,

    We cannot make good decision unless we have true information and can talk about it.

    As a Christian I serve a King; it is not a democracy or even a Constitutional Republic.  Christians came to these shores in 1620 to be left alone to worship as they see fit, escaping the oppression and persecution of a Central Planner named James I of England.  So I don't have a choice about my opinion about homosexuality; even if someone is homosexual the practice of it is against God's law for me as a Christian.  As a deacon in my church I may be assigned homosexuals in my flock.  They are welcome as members; they do not hold positions over others within the church.  In church the matter for me is settled and I am at peace.

    I would encourage my brothers and sisters in faith in the Roman Catholic church to look at their own lay study which identified whole seminaries given over to homosexuality.  That resulted in American seminaries being brought under direct Papal authority.  I would point to the findings of the council that upwards of 70% of priests were homosexual.

    I don't have a dog in this fight personally, and have thought about what it would be like to have a homosexual relative.  I am a Christian and we have a saying, "Hate the sin, love the sinner."  I appreciate it when people who do have a vested interest identify themselves.

    However, since the homosexual agenda is activist, strong, flagrant and even violent I have had to do some of the research to see what my position needs to be in all of God’s world.  Homosexuals make me notice them; I wouldn’t know or want to know about who they are, what they do, or what their special interest is.  They insist on my attention. 

    Therefore, if homosexuals insist on my noticing them, I will do the research.  They are a small minority of the population, yet they inflate their numbers.  They promote acceptance and experimentation in schools so we stop sending our children to school.  We all, especially homosexuals, really need to be aware of their sexual practices,  frequency of illnesses, types of illnesses, desire to influence others, agenda to promote the homosexual lifestyle, aggressive work to bring others into homosexual practice and to have more sex partners.  Also, gay men and lesbian women differ widely in their risk factors. 

    I notice there are some who discredit Christian sources; that is too bad because they are well documented.  Within the article on homosexuality I list below, I encourage you to consider the studies by outside organizations which they cite. 

  • Choices we all face in our lives and some want to push their thoughts or, more correctly, their feelings on others! Most of those in that lifestyle are not poor! So what is the idea of pushing against Heterosexual marriage to marry? It is about approval! Why in any world would some want to tell others what morality is when they do not really know themselves? They is no guidelines that they seem to approve of because they refuse, even church counsel. The reason? They get their support magazine bi-weekly or monthly. It is as the Liberal media! Maybe you have a friend, not a close one, but one who is into alternate lifestyles? If you tell them to read Romans chapter one, they will suggest later on that they did. You ask what did you conclude from the reading? Those magazines that they keep and re-read are keeping them in bondage! The Liberal media, although they tell us they agree with the experts, side with any lifestyles! Well, maybe not that supportive of our Heterosexual lifestyle! "How dare you support anything that suggests there is right or wrong?" 

    Yes, many look at what is going on and see that this is the end times told by Christ, Himself. But do we stand by and just be dormant and not support honor and morals and all being responsible for what we all do? If we do not admit that the Liberal media, in most part, does not support our Constitution because they are Liberal and suggest it is outdated! It is outdated because they refuse to admit the wrong turn decades ago against our Nation's moral values and now they refuse still, so they support removing our 2nd Amendment! If you do not think that the Liberal media is against all of us, wake up! They support all that is destroying America!

  • LOL  Great response Jeff.   That's the key, don't let others push our buttons.  A difficult task that I fight each and every day.

  • No, banning is nowhere near on my mind.   You have done nothing to warrant that, nowhere near it. Unless of course we start breaking the rules.  Then we'll have to talk.   :)  And no I wasn't warning you.  And thank you, I appreciate that.

  • No, no Jeff.  I just don't want the fighting to commence again.  So why start it back up?  That was my only point.  I'm not trying to muzzle anyone.  But understand that you reopened the can of closed worms.  :)  So if freespirit comes back at you then we'll have a fight again.

    And I didn't "order" anything.  I asked that the name calling stop and to disagree respectfully   That is not an order.  :)

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