Recently there has been a media blitz on gay marriage rights. Soon the Supreme Court will address the issue and maybe rule on it but the issue is clearly an important constitutional fight. The first amendment to the Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion or impeding the free excersise of religion. To allow what God clearly calls an abomination would be a law that impedes the free exercise of religion for once the government allows and accepts it we the people will have no choice but to accept what goes against our religious convictions.

This fight is as important as our fight to protect gun rights for once the door is opened to the gay community then the law suits against religions will commence the first time they refuse to marry a gay couple. It is becoming well known that the Democrats have become the God-less party and they are doing everything they can to get rid of God from America. They have removed God from schools and now children are not learning about morals and because of this we are seeing children killing children more and more. Yet muslim religion is being reported to be taught more and more to our children in public schools.

This is not and should never be about hating gays. If people want to be gay, then so be it. This is about erroding the Constitution. This is about erroding our nations moral fabric. Recently most states voted against gay marriage yet the liberal media is reporting that as much as %85 of America approves of gay marriage which is a direct contradiction to way the states voted and more than likely another liberal lie. The gay communitee is estimated to be between %8 to %11 of the population yet if allowed to be married then another one of our rights will be gone.

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  • I thought you called a truce on this Jeff?  :(

  • Okay everyone, calm down.  No name calling from either party.  Go to your corners.  

  • Jeff it's called freedom of speech on this site.  And you agreed to disagree respectfully when you joined the site.  You think freedom of speech only applies to you?  Maybe it's nonsense to you but obviously not her.

  • @ Jeff.  Disagree respectfully please.

  • I have seen many experts that are considered our Nations best and even on the Liberal News commentaries. I noticed one thing that all of us should have seen. The experts tell of the problem and tell us the Gay lifestyle, male or female, is just that, a lifestyle. 

    We hear the rhetoric on why one may be in the lifestyle but feelings do not support facts. How many of us as children became so mad that we wanted to take out our parents and I do not mean to dinner? The feeling lasted a short time and we were back in caring for them. 

    We should note that the Liberal media seems to be much like our President. When they have these experts on with all the data they agree. When they have a Gay activist on they apparently want to make brownie points and deny what they agreed with, which were the facts. If we all went by feelings we would all be in prison for one thing or another. 

    Some suggest this move for marriage is the money thing and I suggest this is not the main reason. The radicals are looking for approval of their lifestyle. I did not know heterosexuals ever asked for approval of theirs, did you? Why do we not ask for approval of our heterosexual lifestyle? We generally consider it the norm and few if any suggest that it is not.

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