Why Does This Site Promote ONLY Ben Carson, Negro?

Are we to believe that the people who write "happy Passover" and "Allah Akbar" on the blog site, as well as promote socialist. jihadist and black racist values/propagandists, are doing anything more than NOT serving the majority of subscribers to this so-called "Tea Party" site? How can this site worship Ben Carson and Hate Trump?

Is that happening because the majority on the Tea Party "Command" site agree with such neo-communist values? I support Trump for President and the Confederate flag and the Constitution. Evidently I am the only one on this site with such views. This is a Ben Carson, minority tyranny left wing site [posing as the Tea Party. Its a typically deceitful Oligarchy forum.

Now so-called "patriotic" cliches/drivel is being puked out by commies, moslems, black racists, homosexuals and others who are the enemies of the white majority. Yet they are prominently pimped on this forum. WHY? Is everybody on here, besides me and Mistor Lakes, a traitor who is using us as SUCKER BAIT?

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  • Mr McBride

    What other political candidate does this site promote?

    Also that fat ass who demands that Trump apologize is an exemplar of the phonies on Fox News. In truth they are not now, and never have been , remotely patriotic. They are just a little bit more objective part of the time. Their hatred and fear of Trump correlated highly with what the democrats, republicrats and media feel.

  • This site doesn't promote only Dr. Carson.

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