Why is George Soros and Obama so hellbent on collapsing our economy? Why? How much more Money does Soros and Obama want? They can't spend what they have now. How much more power does Soros and Obama want?
Why? There is no common sense reason behond their thirst for even more money and even more power. How much is enough?
Obama is always telling us that he does not know why we, as Americans want so much?
Obama wants to know why we have to have what we have?

Obama thinks we are too spoiled, to rich, have to much.
Yet Obama and Soros thirst for power and riches are never ending.
Why does not even one Senator or Congressman acknowledge what we already know?
Are our Congressmen and Senators affraid?
Are they greedy and want even more spoils?
When will the American people say: "Enough is enough".
The American people as "one" have more power than imaginable yet we cower to these monsters.



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  • Dear Alex:

    Great post!

    Thank you for your Patriotism.

    My following blog posts contain numerous articles and/or blog posts and videos that relate to and/or support this issue-You Decide:

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    “Food For Thought”

    “God Bless & Keep Our USA Safe”

    Semper Fi!


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