Here are some important questions no one is asking:

1. Why did Obama meet with the Saudi"s at the White house when it was not on the official schedule?

2. Why did Kerry meet with the Saudi"s about the "suspect"

3. Why did Fox news show the FBI removing bags from his apartment but the State debt. said nothing was removed & that he was cleared?

4. Why did Mrs. Obama go to the hospital to visit the Saudi "suspect"?

5. Why is this not being covered?

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  • I saw this too it seems very fishy. Beck claims to have some big news he is gonna drop on Monday if the white house doesnt come clean first. I think that this thing is gonna be bigger than it looks at the moment, and I it may go all the way up the ladder. I guess we will have to wait and see and figure out who to trust

  • We now live, thanks to the Marxist main media, in Amerika and not America! Whatever Obama wants he seems to get. Our major media no longer supports our rights or our Constitution! We note because of the power of the media, they are more responsible for our Nation's downfall than Obama!

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