“Why did I say Yes?”

The first thing I learned from my military days was NEVER VOLUNTEER FOR ANYTHING. So what possessed me to accept the office of President of the Conservative Party (Florida)? Good question.

I was approached by CP-USA’s Chairman several months ago. Harold reached out to me after reading several of my blog posts trying to change a system that refuses not only to be changed but crucifies the responsible person. We discussed CP-USA and I informed him I was not only aware of the party but had reached out in the past to learn more and what its goals were political ballot registration. We ended the discussion with the promise of staying in touch.

Several months went by and my frustration and rage grew because of the maneuverings of the political powers that were manipulating the Republican Presidential primaries. I registered for the first time in my life (I have been a registered Independent since 1984) as a Republican to specifically vote for the candidate I felt best reflected my viewpoints. Before I could, however, they were eliminated from the race; not by voter choice but by unsubstantiated allegations and political backstabbing.

The Rockefeller Republican arm reached out and choked off every Conservative candidate and left us with a guy who has never been -- or ever will be -- center right on any issue other than tableware for place settings. He is a CINO (Conservative In Name Only) while it suits his campaign, just like the Fascist we now suffer under was a liberator while he campaigned, rescuing us all from the evils of DC “politics as usual” and showing us a whole new meaning to the words Hope and Change. Right now 75% of this country is hoping to survive his change until it can be changed back.

Two years ago I read a great book by Angelo Codevilla titled “The Ruling Class: How they Corrupted America and What We Can Do About It”. Read this eye opening article:

It reminded me of why I’m volunteering to stick my neck out when I know better is: I can no longer wait for them to change, because it is beyond their capability in that environment; neither major party will allow it. We are suffering at the hands of a class system all right but it is not the Entitlement Class but the Ruling Class that exists in both major parties for 100+ years since the Wilson Era of politics. At first it was primarily fostered within an “elite” group of academicians but as their power base grew so did its political arm, the Democrat Party. Since the Republican Party was left playing the role of country club wannabes in DC, they have consistently caved on every important “Conservative” issues to go along to get along.

Republicans have shown the same destructive policy making tendencies as the Democrats; on a smaller scale but just as destructive in the end. The two-party system must end before it destroys our Republic’s political system for good, disenfranchising generations of future voters before they ever get to vote. We have allowed ourselves to become an Oligarchy where a select few delegate to an entire population with very little difference in their approach to ruling.

If I want my vote to count again and the votes of the “Conservative Majority” of which we are part then I/we must get into the game and push back against their two-party rule. We cannot wait for the change that has been promised by the same Republican Party that just gave us Mitt Romney as their presidential candidate.

I am no longer more afraid of what might happen for taking the chance than I am for not taking it. I am no longer worried that some liberal progressive socialist ruling class elite will try their tricks of defamation, condescension, denigration, lies, race-baiting or anything else they might think of to smear me into silence because it won’t work. Their agenda for this Republic is far more frightening to me than anything they can say about me and unless they are stupid enough to go after my family with threats than I am in.

And maybe that last reason is the real reason I said yes. I have said it for almost two years since her birth but it is the truth. When my granddaughter is 15 years old I do not want to answer this question from her: “Grandpa; why didn’t you stop this when you had the chance?”


In Freedom,

Dr. Keith C. Westbrook Ph.D.

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