Wht the Clinton Foundation is not being prosecute?

By: Juan Reynoso, WTP – activist -  wtp17.21@gmail.com

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Corruption and the lack of transparency it’s like a cancer that demise the trust of the people in our government and kill our Democracy.

Why the Clinton foundation the Charity Mega Global-Fraud- is immune from prosecution?

This predatory criminal enterprise destroyed the trust of the people on Charity organizations that are doing good to society.

The Clintons just shut down their criminal enterprise “The Clinton Global Initiative”. This enterprise which took in billions of dollars in donations from individuals, companies, and foreign governments and benefit their donor’s self-interest was call “Pay to play”. This was a criminal enterprise that never was investigate or made public by the corporate news media or the U.S. Department of justice after become apparent even to the most stupid dumb idiot.

The question is why; Some of those defrauded include sovereign nations that are beyond the intimidation and threats that the Clintons are famous for.  All it will take,  is one country to open a case against the Clintons to get the Clintons to be accountable for their criminal activities, because here in our country no one have the moral conviction to stop these criminals.

We voted for Donald Trump to clean up our country from these corrupt criminals, predators that seek opportunities to get rich at the expenses of the poor, pretending that they are working to alleviate their poverty, hunger and promote education to make our world a more economic just, for poor people. The Clinton Global Initiative was a self-serving criminal enterprise a fraud that needs to be expose, investigate and prosecute to send a clear message to all these Charity organizations that are in operation under the pretense that they are in place to help the people that need the most and alleviate poverty and hunger in this injustice world where corporate and government collusion are the biggest roadblock for human justice.

Please send letters to your Washington representatives and demand an investigation and the prosecution of the Clintons.  We must stop impunity and being immune from prosecution because their political- government position or being rich and famous. We have laws in our country and no one is above the law.

“On August 22, President Trump called for a special prosecutor to investigate the Clinton Foundation, adding that the Justice Department and the FBI can't be trusted to "quickly or impartially investigate Hillary Clinton's new crimes". He promises to the people to clean-up the Washington corruption and the “Pay to Play system of corruption, now is the time to enforce our laws. Investigate and prosecute the Clintons and all the ones that commit perjury and betray our trust in our government.

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Seek the truth about the Clinton’s foundation.


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