Hundreds Depart Tonight's WHO Concert In Louisville In Total Outrage....

Louisvillians and rock lovers from miles around flocked to Louisville, Kentucky for tonight's Who concert. They paid big dollars to listen to Rock and Roll from one of the era's legendary groups, The Who... They were greeted with what some referred to as "Constant Video Subliminal LIBERAL Orgy Indoctrination" and "Pissed, spent my money for a night of video propaganda @ the WHO. I went to Celebrate the Music - they weren't there for that - 6 plus screens of video commentary - too intense." It seems that The Who was in Louisville to promote a liberal political agenda, not to give the people what they paid for, their music... Another comment that was made, "I hate when musicians push their political views on people! You are there to perform your music, not push politics on us! Another concert goer is quoted as stating "The Hell with "WHO" worst Concert ever!

Fans and Rock music lovers alike demonstrated their displeasure by leaving the venue early, many before even half of the show was played out... Many fans have stated that they will demand a refund as they came for the music not a political indoctrination... they did not get what they paid for... Looks as if The WHO ever returns to Louisville, they may be asking who will show up?

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  • My apologies for the wrong country - not sure what I was thinking because I knew they were from Britain but my fingers typed Canada... man, old age and MS seem to have the upper hand today.  Thanks for the correction on that Daveda.  I have also found my car keys in the fridge... go figure - people are human.  You didn't have to stick me in the eye with "get your facts straight" and technically it was one fact.  The liberalism of both Canada and Britain are pretty much the same so I guess that is what was happening in my mind.  I really could care less about all the other details you felt you needed to post.  WHO you screwed and when or what you knew about them.  Not a level of society or a lifestyle to be proud of or to brag about, imho.

    And your view of "restriction" on "peoples' way of life" is misplaced. It is a conscience choice to boycott that which is wrong and destructive to our country and "our way of life".  If you aren't being forced to do it and others are doing it voluntarily, how is that a negative impact on the Tea Party?  It was a suggestions for those who want to - not a command to comply like the left does.  You won't be kicked out just because you listen to music that is leftist in their agenda.  And no one said anything about it not being Christian if you don't stop, Debra was just showing how we could starve them out of existence and she has a pretty good point in that this would surly have a much better influence on society as a whole at the same time. 

  • tried to share with my friends on facebook but for some reason it want let me.  surprised the president wan't there, but we could see more of this because he is so busy traveling

  • Ted Nugent and other patriot musicians are far more worth it than the Who!

  • Ted Nugent is the concert worthy of attending. if you can't speak English, then get the f#$& out! Saw him in May of 2000 in Dallas and he opened with that exact line and everyone went happily crazy. 

  • If being a Tea Party member restricts people's way of life, this party is doomed. Stick to the important issues.

  • There are only two original members left. I saw the Rolling Stones many times and love them. I don't have to listen to Christian music to be Christian.

  • Political commentary from any entertainer, especially musicians is suspect. The majority of them on usually stoned on drugs and don't have a mind.  Talent, maybe.  Mind, no.

  • Well...not any different that the other groups..unless they are a Christian group...simple answer..stop going to any concerts but Christian ones...starve them out!

  • Moon died at the age of 32 in 1978. Entwistle's died at the age of 57 in 2002. Surviving members are only Townshend and Daltrey. The music could be completely different now; mostly new members.

  • The Guess Who are from Canada. The WHO are British. I met them. I used to date John Entwhistle. Get your facts straight.

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