Hundreds Depart Tonight's WHO Concert In Louisville In Total Outrage....

Louisvillians and rock lovers from miles around flocked to Louisville, Kentucky for tonight's Who concert. They paid big dollars to listen to Rock and Roll from one of the era's legendary groups, The Who... They were greeted with what some referred to as "Constant Video Subliminal LIBERAL Orgy Indoctrination" and "Pissed, spent my money for a night of video propaganda @ the WHO. I went to Celebrate the Music - they weren't there for that - 6 plus screens of video commentary - too intense." It seems that The Who was in Louisville to promote a liberal political agenda, not to give the people what they paid for, their music... Another comment that was made, "I hate when musicians push their political views on people! You are there to perform your music, not push politics on us! Another concert goer is quoted as stating "The Hell with "WHO" worst Concert ever!

Fans and Rock music lovers alike demonstrated their displeasure by leaving the venue early, many before even half of the show was played out... Many fans have stated that they will demand a refund as they came for the music not a political indoctrination... they did not get what they paid for... Looks as if The WHO ever returns to Louisville, they may be asking who will show up?

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  • Call me a radical, militant, arch conservative, but I am tired of giving money to companies, people, anything that uses my own money against me.  I am grateful for lists of conservative choices of bands.  I also won't give Hollywood my first dollar - get movies from libraries, buy second hand.  Only watch films that support my culture, faith, and country.  Way too much garbage infiltrated when we weren't paying attention.  Part of being grown up is making those choices. 

    Hey, I love Allison Kraus and Union Station.  She ends her concerts with a song about God. Best version of "I will" I have ever heard.

    More about the arts:  read what liberals did to Fine Arts exposed in a book by Tom Wolfe, "The Painted Word".   

    "American Woman", let's changed the lyrics to "Barack Obama stay away from me" :-)

  • washington and the communist are in every crack and crevice of our society, and obamaism is like a festering cancer on all of us...we can no longer live our lives...even rock and roll is ruined.

  • I think I know what you mean Mark e. Morris:

    "If, from the more wretched parts of the old world, we look at those which are in an advanced stage of improvement, we still find the greedy hand of government thrusting itself into every corner and crevice of industry, and grasping the spoil of the multitude. Invention is continually exercised, to furnish new pretenses for revenue and taxation. It watches prosperity as its prey and permits none to escape without tribute."

    --Thomas Paine, Rights of Man, 1791

  • This is the way of our people now mindless idiots that are sway by hollywood.They don't have thier heads in the sand it is much darker and smells.The fact is main stream media controlls all but who is the one that controlls it? With that said find that element and eliminate it and 99% of the problem will disappear. 

  • I agree with you Mr. hill you have to drag people to church  . I am asking all American out there to read the 21 first agenda of the un meeting and i am also talking about the new club of Rome if this dont make you open up your eye,s and see what Obama is doing to this usa  than i am sorry to say that you are no longer true god loving Americans any more this may make some people mad but i just dont care. I am very up set what Abama is doing to my children and grand children .I know this is not what you was talking about but i had to get this in so please read it and you will see what i am talking about.And now to all of the people out there get a bible and start reading it and please become a beleaver  and ask god to forgive you for your sines and your life will get better .I am not saying it will get easy but you will see it change your life to the better .May god be on our side in this fight that is coming down on us from this want to be king . I hope that when it is all over that we may find a man like DC. BENJAMIN CARSON  ARE THE THE MAN HIM SELF BE THE NEW GOD LOVING MAN TO BE IN THE WHITE HOUSE TO LEAD US BACK TO THE WAY OUR FOUNDING FATHERS MINT US TO BE. AS IT SAY.S ON OUR MONEY IN GOD WE TRUST .AS A NATION WE MUST PUT GOD BACK IN TO OUR LIFE IN EVERY WAY HE WANT,S US TO .JUST AS GOD SAID IF YOU ASK I WILL GIVE .JUST THINK HOW NICE IT WAS WHEN YOU DIDN,T HAVE TO WATCH YOUR KIDS EVERY MOMENT OF THE DAY TO MAKE SURE SOME SICK PERSON ISN,T WHATING OUT SIDE TO TAKE AND KILL OR RAPE THEM .AND I KNOW THAT THIS MAY BE HARD FOR SOME PEOPLE TO READ  AND TO BELEAVE BUT YOU KNOW THAT I AM SPEEKING THE TRUTH.  

  • Perfect example of what I am speaking to on this point:

    WASHINGTON – America has turned from God and has forgotten right from wrong,  says WND founder Joseph Farah, who is announcing the launch a dramatic new  national billboard campaign featuring the Ten Commandments to help awaken  believers and non-believers alike to “the wickedness and evil that abound in our  country.”

    The campaign kicks off this week with 11 major billboards – all in the heart  of what some call “sin city,” Las Vegas.

    Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/02/america-needs-the-ten-commandments/#LOYp...

  • Buck, you and I will have to take them all on I suppose.  lol 

    I would tend to agree with Buck - none of those things is a positive line on my chalkboard of pros and cons.  They are ruining our country, our lives, our children's future.  I would think those responsible would be worthy of being despised.  Which is what I also feel. 
    Where is the line between "enrichment" and "self indulgence"?  I guess that is what Daveda is really discussing here.  And if it isn't obvious that the immorality of the entertainment world is subjecting our societal fabric to major rips and tears, then there is no reasoning with people of that mind set.  Hypothetically, (and I am not being specific to anyone) but if the expression of talent is degrading to the morals of a righteous person trying their best to live a life acceptable to God, then what right do they have to "release" that against us and our children?  So I guess we share the right to have rights against each other. 
    What is right and wrong is something we decide every single day we live - that is not judgment on you, those right and wrong answers that we find are from God and are our beliefs.  I think the religious conservative has been more than tolerant with the society we now have.  It's the other side that disparages us for our beliefs because I suppose it makes them feel judged.  That seems to be coming up a lot here.  What society sets as the boundaries of morality is what makes that society excel or become depraved. And we have more depravity every day because everyone has "their right" to be depraved.  I have no idea what some find entertaining and I hope they aren't thinking that people do not have the right or freedom to expect a society not to be vulgar, insulting, immoral and corrupt because that is "entertainment."  If so, then we will have to agree to disagree. 
  • You are more than entitled to your opinions and add very refreshing ideas to this forum Mitchina. I as a veteran commend you for your candidness for I'm pretty rough around the edges myself when it comes to what I believe. "One Nation under God Indivisible with liberty and justice for all" and I carry my soldiers Bible with me at all times. God is in my heart as well! "Non Sibi Sed Patriae!"

  • And modest to boot.  What the heck does your resume have to do with this conversation?  Oh yes, I forgot - your ego. 

    If your books are as incoherent, I mean versatile as your writing here... well, I doubt I would get much from them.  So are you saying that because everyone has the right to choose, that makes what they choose right?  It sounds like you are saying that the more people that are making immoral choices, the more accepted and tolerated it is even though it's a known wrong and damages our society?  To answer your question "how do you expect to change government?", we can start by changing ourselves and our "lifestyles".  Not buying into the 60's mind set and getting closer to God.  Unfortunately for you that really would limit your activities. You will NOT convince anyone here that rock stars and athletes are void of that, in fact they are chucked full of delinquents that practice immorality: Performance enhancing drugs, street drugs, lies, murder, Sodom and Gomorra nights with musicians, infidelity left and right, you name it. Our human history is getting worse and worse in the story line. 

    And we have a right to live the way we want to and vote so your statement that our political views matter because we have the right to vote is, well, redundant at best.  Much of the way we vote is based heavily on how we live or want to live, i.e. handouts, total reliance on the gvt, loose morality to allow for lifestyles not in agreement to God... which is most of the population today thanks to the freedom of speech and how the left - in music - have used this to further corrupt the social moral fabric of this nation.  In other words, LIBERAL or Progressive, take your pick, which is what most artists are. OR, we live conservative, free, liberated, within the confines of our fiscal ability, not oppressed by gvt regulations, drug free, faithful to God and our spouses.  Not much of that going on in Hollywood, the big money sports leagues or the Music circuit.
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