Hundreds Depart Tonight's WHO Concert In Louisville In Total Outrage....

Louisvillians and rock lovers from miles around flocked to Louisville, Kentucky for tonight's Who concert. They paid big dollars to listen to Rock and Roll from one of the era's legendary groups, The Who... They were greeted with what some referred to as "Constant Video Subliminal LIBERAL Orgy Indoctrination" and "Pissed, spent my money for a night of video propaganda @ the WHO. I went to Celebrate the Music - they weren't there for that - 6 plus screens of video commentary - too intense." It seems that The Who was in Louisville to promote a liberal political agenda, not to give the people what they paid for, their music... Another comment that was made, "I hate when musicians push their political views on people! You are there to perform your music, not push politics on us! Another concert goer is quoted as stating "The Hell with "WHO" worst Concert ever!

Fans and Rock music lovers alike demonstrated their displeasure by leaving the venue early, many before even half of the show was played out... Many fans have stated that they will demand a refund as they came for the music not a political indoctrination... they did not get what they paid for... Looks as if The WHO ever returns to Louisville, they may be asking who will show up?

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  •  I could'nt help thinking of what JFK said during a speech to the Nation "Ask not what your Country can do for you but what you can do for your Country" or MLK Jr. " I have a dream that some day people will judge a men and women by their character and not the color of their skin", after the assassination of those two RFK battled with organized crime mob he too ended the same way as their were people that feared them. At that time I knew it was my turn to do something for the Country I love and cherish only to come home to a divided nation that treated us unfairly because of the likes of entertainers like Jane Fonda or disgruntled veterans that turned their backs on fellow comrades. Once again we as a people are faced with the snakes that raise their ugly heads as our elected officials have created a divided nation again. My only question is Why? I want us to follow what the Founding fathers fought and died for as well as their Important documents. Transform is not what is needed, what is needed is right in front of our eyes. "We The People" are the employers of the elected officials they serve us not the other way around. So I would say in closing that they have a hell of a lot of work to do. Respect is earned not just given! Charity begins at Home! those are my parents words to me growing up in a projects because they couldn't afford anything more, where life is always a battle. My father also taught me his strong work ethics and I thank God they did. R.I.P. Mom & Dad.

  • God helps those who help themselves.

  • Mitchina Soli, I have written over sixteen books on my own and many more in conglomeration with others and have published many for other people. I publish on a variety of subjects just as I write my own books with versatility.

    I have dated rock stars and a baseball player. Does that make me bad? All people are individuals. We all choose a life-style. Our political views matter because we have the right to vote.

    God and family are all good but there are variables. Divorce is one example. I wrote an interesting article on what it can do to children and family.

    I just joined this site and the topic of "The Who" came into my email. I was interested. Personally, if given the opportunity to go to one of their concerts, I would not. My decision would be based on the facts that two members are dead and only two remain. These are two facts that I mentioned earlier. 

    I am not a person who has much time for this and if every effort I make, which in fact are many, to change the policies and government of this country are not appreciated, I will stop. If one more person says they would rather not hear what I have to say, I am gone.

    Mitchina Soli's Page
    Mitchina Soli's Page on Tea Party Command Center
  • Yes Bradley Bryant Hill: It is amazing what people do for music, football or other sports and entertainment but not for God and Family.  Not for their own self respecting souls.  And this "right" people demand they have - what does it do?  Pushed them further away from God and I would add family but the whole family is moving away from God now. The Harbinger... so spot on and frightening.  


  • Daveda: As I said - no one is stopping anyone from anything.  It is a suggestion and then a choice of free will - stop being so pissed off at nothing.  No one is trying to control you or tell you to lie down whatsoever (unless you are dating a rock star - like we all don't know how they lived then or now).


    2ndly, I am from that generation and know all that about the Who - you educated no one and on a trivial subject as a band.  Not impressed.  There is a difference between making judgments against someone and making good judgments in taking a stand for a moral life - know the difference and work within the game they set up for us but there is no need to be defensive over something that never happened to you.  Where did you get the impression that anyone was "making" you do anything?  That right is all yours and yours alone and that is respected.  Now respect the fact that not everyone is going to agree with you or like how or what you say.  You don't agree or like what I say, great - you can and you did in a not so respectful way the first time that initiated this - and now you demand respect? I bet it wouldn't matter to anyone if you never posted here again.  So called conservatives like you remind me of all the RINO's we have in office anyway.  I could do without the reminder. 


    You are an adult, no?  That listens to liberal an non-liberal immoral rock music as many do, no?  Dated that heavy rocker from the 60's/70's, no? And my minor "bad language" upsets you?  HA!  You're quite funny thinking that I am going to believe that. Unless you dated him when you were both 12 before he was living that life as a man, it would be plausible and you really aren't being sanctimonious.  Otherwise, you are exactly that.


  • Mr. Buck Crosby, you are, by right, allowed to 'despise' anyone you wish. I prefer to live my life to the fullest without judgement.

    I don't 'like' certain things that some people believe in or are associated with but I will never give up the forms of entertainment that enrich my life.

    I am a author, publisher, video producer and graphic art designer amongst the other things I do. I must feel free to release my talent to all members of society. This is my right.

    Buck Crosby's Page
    Buck Crosby's Page on Tea Party Command Center
  • Political indoctrination is the ONLY thing ALL liberal progressive a--holes are interested in , they are fanatically pushing a fantasy utopia that can NEVER exist with FREE people , with with statist slaves .  I totally DESPISE all liberal , progressive , socialist , communist fascists  .  They are ALL insane , they can't handle facts , reason ,or logic .

  • You can't stop people from enjoying their music, football or other sports and entertainment in general. As a free nation, we the people have a right to complain and ask for refunds if we are not happy with what we get for our money. Whether we get it back is yet another story.

    I will not just lie down and die because the government is not what I'd prefer it to be. I will enjoy my life. I do not judge music, movies or other products on political preferences. I still like Bruce Springsteen and from the political rallies, I am assuming he is a Liberal. I will watch sports no matter what political affiliation the players have.

    If I happen to have more information about "The Who" than someone else, be intelligent and learn. Do not use use "bad" language when replying to me. You were not with me when I dated John Entwistle, so you really do not know if I scr*wed him or not Mr. Mitchina Soli!

    I am an American and those are my rights. They will not be compromised. If people on this site cannot respect others, how do you expect to change government?

    I will or will not be posting here again. If I decide not to, it is your loss not mine. I am a valuable contributor to any site.

    Mitchina Soli's Page
    Mitchina Soli's Page on Tea Party Command Center
  • Amazing that people would come to listen to a rock band and if they didn't get what they came for they would leave early asking for their money back, but we have a president that is well on his way to bankrupting this whole country and where are these people?

    It's kind of like sports.  You can get millions of Americans out to see a football game and they spend all kinds of money, but you have to coach them into church on Sunday's and pressure them to give a few bucks to keep the lights on.

    No wonder God is judging this country these days.  And He will continue to do it until our priorities are put in order.

  • Action start not supporting any one from the music or film  that support the marxist/liberal/progressives.

    This goes for the businesses to.

    Action people.

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