Hundreds Depart Tonight's WHO Concert In Louisville In Total Outrage....

Louisvillians and rock lovers from miles around flocked to Louisville, Kentucky for tonight's Who concert. They paid big dollars to listen to Rock and Roll from one of the era's legendary groups, The Who... They were greeted with what some referred to as "Constant Video Subliminal LIBERAL Orgy Indoctrination" and "Pissed, spent my money for a night of video propaganda @ the WHO. I went to Celebrate the Music - they weren't there for that - 6 plus screens of video commentary - too intense." It seems that The Who was in Louisville to promote a liberal political agenda, not to give the people what they paid for, their music... Another comment that was made, "I hate when musicians push their political views on people! You are there to perform your music, not push politics on us! Another concert goer is quoted as stating "The Hell with "WHO" worst Concert ever!

Fans and Rock music lovers alike demonstrated their displeasure by leaving the venue early, many before even half of the show was played out... Many fans have stated that they will demand a refund as they came for the music not a political indoctrination... they did not get what they paid for... Looks as if The WHO ever returns to Louisville, they may be asking who will show up?

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  • It was an Anti-American song about Vietnam so much so that they were not allowed to play this at White House when they performed for President Nixon, not surprising since The Who was from Canada. This liberal view being propagated and woven into society's conscience and subconscious has continued since that tumultuous decade and quite successfully even today by using it in merchandising with companies like Tommy Hilfiger, Castrol motor oil ad others.

    Back in the 60's the majority of musicians and their music were politically motivated to the hard left as we can plainly see with the likes of Bob Dilan - who I instinctively hated with that whiny ass nasally voice - must have been my sheer repulsion to liberalism even without knowing the lyrics.

    The Velvet Underground, which later turned against the liberal machine in a revelation of intelligence to what the left was really all about (Moe Tucker - former drummer.) The pinnacle statement by Moe is pretty much the entire summation of all so called democrats mentality that vote: "To be honest, I never paid attention to what the hell was going on. My always voting Democrat was the result of that."

    Here is a quote from a blogger's post which also explains how these kids are getting brainwashed: Umm, I never rlly listened to liberal themed music. At least I don't think so. I prefer to listen to rock music."

    Seems the "myth" that rock music is conservative has them all fooled into thinking what they are understanding is the right way of thinking... we must stop this crap and call them liberals out in the music industry as they do to us as with Ted Nugent - God bless that man!

    Speaking of, let's hit them right where they live - the "arts" and how they make their millions that work against this country. Here is a list we can all boycott of Liberal Bands:


    And here are bands we can support as conservative - even if it isn't your taste in music, support them as they are putting out the mental seeds of conservatism against those that try to brainwash our youth into socialism:


    Please Boycott the following liberal rock bands - Page 16
    Originally Posted by scottyz Here is a list of musicians / bands that have been on record as holding liberal views, anti-war sentiment, or other trait
  • I guess the libs will stop at nothing to tear this country apart

  • I  would not be caught dead in a concert, simply because of my claustraphobia but I would have gotten my refund then and there in one form or another.  It is time the conservative members of our society take a page from the other side's play book

  • Who do they think they are? Laura Ingraham was right when she said "SHUT UP AND SING"

  • Thanks Dee & Mark: Good for Louisville & Ky & fans. This isnt just happening to  Who but all lib dem proressive socialist marxist commie entertainers. We the Christian Conservative Constitutionalist have boycotted MSM because of their lies, were boycotting lib actors in movies & TV, some sports, many imports from socialists countries, We The Honest Loyal Patroit Americans have & are supporting resteraunts thatt support our Constitution, plus many more different types of business's that support our Constitution, GOOD. We do the same with politicians. What dont we do this to, we want honesty in schools, moral values, the govt, our churchs, we want this with each other, we want prayer, God back in school. We The People have had enough were taken our country back, Praise the Lord, Thank you God & Jesus, Bless you Holy Ghost for given us the courage to stand up & fight 

  • Please do demand refunds to the point of filing lawsuits if necessary.

  • They should have stuck to music and not indoctrination.

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