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I asked a simple question to a few people involved with hiring processes, interviews, or helping other find jobs.

Who would you rather hire between #1&2 and #3&4.  Why?

1. A man who worked in a similar field that you are hiring for.  This person worked in the field for 7+ years and was let go about 18 months ago.  He has only applied and looked for jobs that are at or near similar pay and prestige.  While looking for a job he was lived off of food stamps and unemployment. 

2. A man who worked in a similar field that you are hiring for.  This person worked in the field for 7+ years and was let go about 18 months ago.  He has applied and interviewed with many businesses and while he has yet to land the job he wants he found a job working as a stock-man at the local hardware store.  This man has been receiving food stamps to help with the salary that was lost but isn't living just on them. 

3. A man who is 18 months out of college that is strictly applying for the job that he got his degree in an has not even applied to any other positions.  He might also be living on welfare and food stamps or solely on parents. 

4. A man who is 18 months out of college that has found a job working as a burger flipper at McDonald's and has quickly made his was way to trainer.  He is back living with his parents who still give him a little help but also require him to help around the house pay rent and actively looking for a better job. 


What are you 2 hires? And if you are a 1 or 3 what are your reasons for not going to any and every place that has a “hiring” sign?

Example #1: Vice-president of a university cafeteria and catering company.

(This response was before the 2012 election to put a comment in perspective)

I would choose #2 and #4.

#2 because he is not lazy and even though he wants the BIG job, he willing to do what he can to support his family and himself until he can land that job. He apparently is motivated to work even though he hasn't found the type of job he was let go from. Even though he might be receiving some Government assistance, he isn't totally living off the government. I want a hungry manager, not a lazy one.

#4 Same reason as above, wants to work, isn't totally living off his parents and will do what it takes to make some money that he "earned" and is still looking for that job that is went to college for.

This scenario mimics our current presidential runoff, one wanting to give more to people not wanting to work, while the other is trying to make it better for those who truly want to work and create more jobs rather than printing more money for “those who want it”.

Example #2: Director of career services at a top university according to the Princeton Review.

2 & 4. I always appreciate the person who, despite challenges, keeps moving forward and continues to be active by working wherever they can. Sure, it may be out of their field of choice but it allows them to keep forward momentum plus helps to bring in some money.

It helps a person from having large gaps on their resume as well.

I love this quote by Dale Carnegie???

Inaction breeds doubt and fear

Action breeds confidence and courage

If you want to conquer fear, do not sit at home and think about it.

Go out and get busy

-Dale Carnegie

Example #3: Director of alumni communications at a top university according to the Princeton Review.

#2 and #4 are the ones I would prefer to hire

In both of these situations, the info indicates that #1 and #3 are unwilling to humble themselves, even in order to help themselves. Food stamps and unemployment are meant to be short term options. I know there are jobs available if you are willing to swallow some pride. I have much more respect and business confidence in someone who will exhaust all options before putting someone else out.

Example #4: Process manager at a Fortune 500 company responsible for interviewing and hiring many co-ops.

I would pick 2 and 4 because each shows signs of being self-sufficient. It's easier to get a job when you already have one. It shows being a self-starter.

Example #5: HR specialist in a top school district in Texas.  First to see and evaluate an applicant’s résumé.

2 for sure, and 4 for sure.

Pay and prestige are good in a job, but more importantly is responsibility to yourself, to your family, and to your society.  Waiting around for the "perfect" job shows that you have an attitude of entitlement.  I think that you have to earn what you get, and you sometimes have to do whatever it takes to survive until the time comes that you have earned the next phase in life and employment.   Taking the life (job) that is present at the moment while working toward the perfect one shows an attitude of commitment, maturity and responsibility.

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