Who realy owns our country?

During the sunami coverage by CNN I finally found the puzzle piece I was seeking for years.  Our family business is in manufacturing ( metalworking).  I could not understand for years why if companies wanted their contracts with the u.s. government they had to have a facility in china or other countries.  During the sunami coverage a reporter made mention that Japan was secnd only to china in holding loans to the United States.

     We all know lenders want secure loans.  What do you think we had to give for security?  We sold our jobs to China in exchange for loans to cover our massive spending habits.  Our own government sold us out.  Now so many jobs gone.  People don't have money to pay their taxes.  They loose their homes.  (Yes our government blamed the banks.)  And now they are raising taxes to compensate bleeding what is left to death. 

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  • The website for DASNY.org says they were created in 1940. And they lend money at their discretion and the borrower has to use their banks to manage the money, their contractors, and their recommended consultants. New is NYSERA.org they state they 3.7 trillion available for Utilities to upgrade to green energy. We don't just give tax breaks we finance and control. Funnier is that it clearly states payments on the loans should be made out to the comptroller in the form of a mortgage payment.
  • How's this for some fun facts we Americans paid about 476 billion dollars of income tax for the month of marcg and 389 billion in FICA Corporate taxes were 52 billion. This is what the government spent 341 billion in defense 357 billion in Social security 226 billion in Medicare 145 billion on Medicaid 67 million on unemployment and 588 billion on other. Again the month of march. Go to cbo.org check out monthly budgets. Remember though this is what they want us to know they also show a 100 billion received from other and a 100 billion credit from unused TARP. Im researching the other when i figure that one out I'll post it. Have a great day information is power. Remember these are the things they think we are to stupid to understand.
  • Corruption is ramped.  Government also takes union money.  Ever think why?  It is legal for unions to rob our companies and our workers.  It's protection money and should be illegal.  They fund politics so the laws don't change and do nothing for the american worker.  Workers can stand up for themselfs when needed.  That payment to the union every month could feed little Johnny and suzie for a few days.  Years ago thugs would go into the local butcher and rob their cash register and ask the butcher to wrap up a nice roast for them to take home to the wife.  Same thing.  Just legal now.

        There is a glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel.  Manufacturers (the ones still standing) are quoting out carbide dies.  Dies are used in the manufacturing of metal and plastic parts.  Shit steel has been used for years as orders are small and junk cheap dies wear out fast.  Carbide is for big big orders.  This means a beginning of real manufacturing in the USA.  Our small family business Yankee Hone hones these.  It takes 8 years to train a honing specialist.  Hopefully our great country still has enough skilled labor when we get the jobs back.  But the Dies are hope for us.  Then again  maybe China is just ordering for us because they produce crap.

  • Exactly, Cheap labor, Less Regulation, and Less taxes are the winning trifecta for you to have your company overseas.  Until that changes, we will lose more jobs and get deeper in debt.  As Ronald Reagan said, Government is not the solution it is the problem.
  • I don't know but I just spent a lot of time trying to figure out where the numbers come from and stumbled on to some really disturbing shit. Pardon but for lack of a better word that's what is was. When I get a chance I'll post it it's tough reading but here is a brief breakdown. If u think th banks are the biggest problem there not our government is to much. NYS wich is where i live has multiple departments that finance public and private institutions the outstanding debted amount is 19 trillion dollars and they now started to offer new financial assistance for green improvements. LOOK UP DASNY.org they are banking with our money then threatening to shut down our government or lay off public employees. I also notices the same think going on in other states.
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