Who is the American Anarchist

Who is the American Anarchist


Let’s take a look at the left side of the aisle with some hard facts. 

Janet “Big Sister” Napolitano testified before the people that make the laws for our nation that she has the right to choose which laws to enforce and which to ignore. She has unilaterally declared that the first and fourth amendments are null and void within one hundred miles of any border of the United States.  And she brags about it.  She has purchased enough ammunition to wage a war for twenty years and supply her agents with one thousand times the ammunition allocated to soldiers in a combat zone.  She has purchased armored vehicles to be used on American soil.  She has declared to congress that she will not answer any question she doesn’t want to answer about the operation of her department nor give any reason for her actions even to the senate oversight committee to which she is supposed to be answerable.

Barack H. Obama, Harry Reid , Nancy Pelosi, et al have stated that the government determining which, if any, arms the people may bear is not an ‘infringement’ of our second amendment rights.  West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin has gone against his own position, stated repeatedly during his campaign, and actually sponsored a bill that would drastically reduce the power and effectiveness of the second amendment.  B. Obama demands that each person that owns or purchases or even borrows a gun of any nature submit to a background check to which he refuses to submit himself.

The Left has stated that they know a gun control law would not reduce crime, but they want the law abiding citizens disarmed anyway.  Of course the criminals will still ignore such a law leaving the law abiding citizens at their mercy.  One criminal called the police to complain that he was afraid the owner of the house he had broken into was armed with a gun!  It made the news folks. 

Harry Reid has stated publicly that an organization that has the stated purpose of defending and protecting the constitution of our country, The Tea Party, are a bunch of anarchists.

The only really amazing thing about all of these truths is the number of voters that still support these power hungry, constitutions destroying people.

It is my belief that we are headed for a bloody and life destroying civil war.  Well, If it must come I know which side I will avail myself of my second amendment right to support.  I once took an oath to uphold that constitution and I will until the day I die of am killed doing just that.

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  • Let the shooting start right after the first rookie cop (No veteran police officer would be that stupid.) goes up to the first innocent private home with a warrent to confiscate any firearms on the premises. Then pulls a Waco killing some or all there. By the time the gun grabbers reach the end of the block ! They'll run out of stupid rookie cops. I think I see the SOP that will be used. They'll seal off a whole city then go house to house seizing firearms. Killing as they go. Don't laugh it has happen I the world. Your choice. You wanna be serfs under communist rule like the old USSR or free to come and go as you wish. Defend yourself without having to worry about your libtard county or city DA coming after you for not running away in your own home. Like in most libtard countries, states and towns here in the USA. Think on this people before you vote for these Nabobs !

  • The GOP are voting WITH Obama now. How does this excuse any politician. The Anarchists want anarchy so THEY can dictate to the People. That is what is happening now. Ask Rand Paul! Ask Rush,  Clint Eastwood, Chuck Norris, Jon Voight, The Politicians are all in this "One World Order" idea and Bushes are too! John Wayne, Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher Many more that are gone now!! Even Greta Van Sustren sees this now!! She used to work for CNN. Unless THE People see what is happening since WWII we all are doomed!! History is repeating itself for us, as it has for the Native American! Billy Graham even sees this!!The FEDS started the brainwashing and mind control since WWII. Read old outdated history books and see how they have done this!! I will not vote for any GOP Currently in office. Maybe Bob Barr will have the guts to help get the gov't back!! He is running for the turn coat Zaxby Chambliss's seat. Any politician that allows a congenital Liar" to fill a gov't seat is a LIAR and traitor! That is what Wm Saffire labeled H. Clinton in 1992. Now she is still in the US Gov't. H & B Clinton are the dregs of a snake!!

  • We are not anarchists, we are political agnostics! We don’t believe in their religion that worships an Omnipotent Divine State! Socialism is a religion and like Islam, it wishes to enforce that religion on everyone by violence, force, coercion or fraud!

     Albert J. Nock’s great book title says it all, “Our Enemy the State!”

  • My only comfort is that when the libs resort to name calling-ie; Tea party "anarchists" and "terrorists," it mean they are scared-then end of our non representative government is coming, and they are worried...
  • My Dictionary defines "anarchy" as a "a social structure without government or law and order", basically, a state of lawlessness.

    But I find that no such "social structure" or "state" exists, nor never has. You see, even if we had no formal government or written laws to go by, the absolute laws of Human nature/behavior would still be in force. They always have been and always will be.

    Now, the difference between living under the written laws of man and living withut written laws under the Laws of Human Nature/behavior, is that under enforcement of the latter consequences of ignoring and/or defying them could be far more brutal and severe. In fact, it could be quite deadly.

    I'm pretty sure that Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and the rest of their ilk would not fair well at all, if it weren't for mans written laws that protect them. Of course, if we had no formal government, they'd have no power either.  I'm not even sure they'd have survived as long as they have.

    What Harry Reid calls "a bunch of anarchists" are those of us that don't want to play by "his" and Obama's Rules.

  • Obama, how likely will it be that you will have 2/3 of the states at a constitutional congress agree to change the constitution?

  • That whenever any Form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute a new government. The Minutemen believed this in 1776.

    The Confederacy believed this in 1861. I believe it today.

  • The real anarchists are the liberals, they are headed by the Bernadette Dorns, the Sal Alinskys, etc.  alot of deadbeat people who blew up buildings in the 1960's and 70's, went to prison, then onto College and became Professors which led the Progressive Democratic Party, which is now knee deep in communism. Obama and his hand picked crew of Czars worships these radicals.  Our Country is paying the press with five terrorist attacks under Obama's not so careful watch now.  It is really sad how quickly the institution of their agenda has turned America upside down.  Look at Europe, Spain is having to kill their Championship horses off as they can not afford to feed them.  Women get abortions in America as a form of birth control now.  These are very frightening times indeed.   We need faith to persevere and get through this. I will praise God and His Son on High, Jesus Christ, because it is the most powerful name on all the Earth!  He told us to "Let not your hearts be troubled!"  Those are powerful words! 

  • That's easy, obama and his administration, reid and the democratic/republican senate, boeher and the cemocratic/republican house.

  • Almost all elected officials are anarchists.

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