Who is right and who is wrong?

I’m a disabled WWII veteran with a story to tell. When I was 17, I volunteered for aviation cadet training. I was enticed by signs with a picture of a P-40 flying into the wild blue yonder.  I took a long written test, underwent physical and mental examination, and produced three letters of recommendation from non-family members. I was accepted and handed a pin that said I was an air cadet. The minute I was 18, I was inducted.

I was told no more air cadets were needed at the moment. That wasn’t the deal. I was told that I’d be sent to college for five months to study navigation and math and then sent to an airfield for basic training. Should I wash out, I’d be made an aircraft mechanic or gunner.  I was sent to England and reassigned an officer’s servant, to make officers’ beds and clean their toilets. I trashed the officers’ quarters. My commanding officer ordered me transferred to the infantry and sent to the front.  No American combat boots with Neoprene soles were available. I was issued a pair of British combat boots with hobnails. The Germans were hobnail boots. On my first night at the front my own troops fired at me. They handed me a pair of American combat boots from a dead soldier.

I told this story to a Tea Party discussion group. I retired colonel responded by stating that during wartime insubordination is a capital punishment offense. Isn’t that what was intended? They sent me to the front wearing hobnail boots.

This story continues.  I wrote the U. S. Attorney General a letter stating that insofar as my income tax was concerned it was unconstitutional. The government put me out of business. He forwarded my letter to the IRS. The IRS illegally taxed me. I petitioned the Tax Court. Four years later my case came up for trial. Before the trial started, the IRS admitted that it had been mistaken. The Court ordered that the mistake be corrected and the case was closed.

The IRS reassessed me and charged four years penalty and interest. The IRS confiscated my money to pay a tax it admitted was mistaken. I appealed to the U S Court of Appeals. The Court ignored the theft of my money and held that federal income tax is constitutional. I appealed to the Supreme Court. The DOJ told the Court that the IRS made a mistake but that it had been corrected, a bald-faced lie. The Court refused to hear me. I complained to the U. S. District Court. The court decided to hear me. The DOJ then told the court that the IRS made a mistake. My money was refunded. Case closed. The IRS went to my bank and took every cent in my bank account.

I’ve given the Tea Party direct quotes from the Bible and my take on what they say. Christians have been quick to correct me. I’m wrong about every last thing I’ve revealed in this Tea Party. Shame on you. You people don’t know whether you are afoot or horseback. You are responsible for your country going to the dogs. You are going to pay for this.

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  • When my three girls were little, I bought a new home in a new neighborhood.  There was a Presbyterian church in the neighborhood in a temporary building. I was made trustee, which meant that I personally guaranteed the loan to build a permanent church building.

    On a retreat, I asked my minister if Jews go to heaven. His answer: "No, it is written in the scriptures."

    Although my mother's faith was Christian, she was always respectful of the Jewish faith she was raised in. I couldn't be true to my faith and call myself a Christian.  I don't believe Christians own Jesus. Jesus is spiritual. In spiritual matters, there are no boundaries. 

    When I left the Christian faith, I also left my faith in Jesus as my savior. I believed I was my own savior. For years I fought for my constitutional rights against an oppressive government.

    Im my twilight years, with my life as good as life gets, I'm forced to believe that although I left my savior, my savior never left me.

  • Allison is a fresh voice, who brings tears to my eyes. There is yet hope. I love girls. I raised three of my own. There is something about girls that is hard for me to describle, almost angelic.

    My cousin was a Presbyterian missionary for 25 years in what was known as the Belgian Congo. He told me a story I shall never forget.

    William Pruit traveled up a jungle river to a village in which he had established the Christian faith.  The Church Elders had a problem. There was this old woman who would not give up her belief that God lived in a tree outside her hut.  Nothing would convince her that God lived in heaven.  So they cut down her tree. It broke the old woman's heart and she died. 

    My mother was born to a Jewish family and raised in the Jewish faith. She married a Christian and agreed to raise her children in the Christian faith. My mother was a devout Christian.  My cousin, William Pruit, presided at her burial. May her soul rest in peace.

  • Thank you, Allison, for your wisdom.  Our minds are tuned into the same channel. Rather than kick Tea Party's ass and move on, I'm going to create a new group and name it "Tomorrow's God."  I'm sure to attract the Christian Bible thumpers. I have a totally different view.   We each have our own life experiences and from those form our personal conclulsions.  I've been here 87 years and have seen a lot.  it galls me that Christians judge me.  I'm not going to permit anyone to belittle another's belief. I'm going to ask administration to back me.  If they don't, then I'll leave.

  • A   billion seconds
    ago it was 1959.


    A billion   minutes
    ago Jesus was alive.


    A billion  hours
    ago our ancestors were
    living in the Stone   Age.


    A billion  days ago
    no-one walked on the earth on two   feet.

    And you call yourselves the Tea Party?

  • Hey James, maybe I've more years left than you know.  

    It is not revenge I'm after. I hope to inform the stupid, but I'm not having any luck here. I’ll be moving on.

    I know John Galt very well. He is Ayn Rand's idiotic invention. There is no such thing as Rand's objective reality. For your information, James, advanced thinkers find that what the uninformed think of as objective is in fact contingent upon the observer. We who observe find that the absoluteness of space and time are false religious dogma. There is no pie in the sky. But no, dogmatic Christians wouldn’t know that. They don’t read the Bible; they interpret it to suit the needs of their self-serving authorities, who keep those with blind faith on a guilt trip jumping through their hoops.

    Speaking of self-serving authorities, including the military, the frauds that conned me and then made me their flunky to clean their toilets, they maintain that they have the right to know and you do not. The instant the news gets out that something not of this earth turns up, the military is there to remove it and hide it.  Any and all who have seen it are warned to never speak of it. If they do, there will be consequences, they are told. We don't live in a free nation. We live under a military ditatorship.

    Were we better people when the Holy Catholic Empire had control and only they had the Bible, and only they interpreted it?  If you know anything about history, you know why there is the need to know. The idea that there is no need for everyone to know is a very dangerous way to think. It could be that Obama is not really the Commander-in-Chief.  For all you know, aliens could be in control.  Obama is either on the golf course or flying about in order to allow the world to congratulate him for the magnificent job he has done in leading us.  Obama is nothing but a figurehead.

    The military is hiding the evidence, but there are millions of reported sightings, and many by people who we trust to fly us safely from point to point.  The number of sightings is steadily increasing.  What could aliens want here?  Under military discipline, authority has all the rights, those under them zero rights. As long as you trust the military, you will never know the truth.  Senator Barry Goldwater asked General Curtis LeMay for a look at the hidden evidence of UFOs. He was in the Air force and remained on reserve status. He personally knew LeMay. LeMay was in control of the hidden evidence. According to Goldwater, LeMay said, “Don’t you ever ask again for a look!  Is the U.S. military our protector or is the military of Hitler's mindset?  Would anyone with a whit of regard for human life send me into combat wearing hobnail boots, certain to be shot at by my own troops? Nothing but a saddist would do that.  Would anyone with a whit of regard for human life, put a worker on the street in the name of income tax?  I'm a witness to  both, and you dare to  call me and old man with few years left.  it's par for the course.

    You know what James, I’ve been around long enough to question everyone in authority, and rightly so.  Apparently you have not. Good luck!   


  • You are an old man with few years left

    Revenge is best served cold

    Know who those IRS agents are their names are on the paperwork.

    Who is John Galt

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