Who do we want

To all who do not want Mitch Daniel, who do you want? Do you still want the same one's in Washington DC who got us into this hole.The ones who will make citizen out of those who has broken the law? who do you want? the governor of Louisiana, Virginia, Arizona, Who do you want?

 I see the same thing over,and over. Obama did this,Obama did that,I see those who said they christian but hate there bother. So who do you want? Another Obama so are we can do is keep complaining. Lets start by putting what we feel in action, lets find the one are two that we can stand with and who really will stand with us, who will stand beside us and not in front of us.

We complain about the people who walk for Trayvon Martin,just so you know only 100 people show up here.They did there march so lets do our,lets get the names of all the kids and young adult that was killed, before,after,and doing that case.

Lets show we care ,lets show they names,ages,and photo from Georgia to Michigan, from South Carolina to California.

Lets have a Well Is The Out Cry March


It really dos not matter if Obama or Jesse Jackson say anything, it only matters if we will.

Bring a disable Vet and the way I us my words,some of you will say good thing,and some bad things,because of what i wrote and the word I used,but that OK because this is still American.

But i still would like to see how many truly will have a Well Is The Out Cry march not to make the Tea Party look good,but for the kids

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  • Does anyone know why the TEA PARTY leaders are meeting behind closed doors with the Republicans including Rubio? I thought we were for open Government. If the Tea Party gets in bed with the Rhinos then this Country is done. Must be trying to get them to go along with Immigration bill that will destroy this country.

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