The more we become aware of the Obama Whitehouse the more we and the American people need to  ask ourselves, just who are these people anyway. With the latest disclosure of Chicago Congressman Danny Davis having Communist ties, is there anyone in the close circle of Obama appointees and Czars who does not have some form of radical background, be it Marxist, Socialist, Leninist, or Communist? It is about time that we spend the remaining months vetting Obama primarily and his cabal of radicals secondarily. 

Although the Tea Party and Republican groups have been probing various facets of Obama's background we are still in the minority of people who are aware of; his radical background, various covert/overt actions that are counter productive for Americans, long range plans that started in his highschool days in Hawaii under mentor Frank Lloyd Davis and then progressed through Occidental college, Harvard, and through the rest of his time after Harvard. He clearly does not like the America that you and I grew up in!  

There is such a litany of information on Obama that has been kept under wraps that as more information becomes known we are left swatting at yet more detrimental actions of his. We simply cannot use a scatter gun approach to neurtalizing Obama, as how much of it can actually stick. While we interact with each other on the Internet, etc., much more needs to be done outside of the Internet, including but not limited to the following: 

(1). As most of us work we need to spend out energy wisely and in a focused fashion. I suggest that we individually choose one or two actions that we can actually follow up on to bring about positive action, such as:

(2). Working locally with those who are filing and/or working on legal actions against Obama, working to force hearings on his eligibility to be on a local ballot where you live. Signing various petitions that are going to republican politicians in your locale. 

(3). If you drive a car get a bumper sticker that has a clear message on it. Thousands of people see your car daily, so lets get those people who see your message something to really think about, such as ' are you better off today than you were before this imposter took office? '. I have 2 different bumper stickers (front and rear) - Debt or prosperity your choice in November - Marxism or democracy your choice in November - 

(4). We must use some of the same tactics that Democrats sucessfully use - Advertising and Marketing. We must promote our conservative pro-American brand. We MUST be visible! Signs on yourlawn, in your windows, on your car, etc. We must overwhelm the Democrats the way they have been overwhelming the American voter, and in the process inform Americana.           

 In sum; we have an arduous task ahead of us if we are to overthrow this Marxist/Leninist regime that flourishes in the Whitehouse, and with only modest confrontation by Republicans. As we go about our tasks, ignore the polling that is publicized by liberal leaning pollsters. Only our physical actions outside of the Internet can bring us victory in November. Our actions to have a ripple effect across this great country that we want to take back.                    

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