Who Are The Leaders of American Totalitarianism?

Communists within the democrat and republican parties fall into two categories: the deliberate and the unwilling. With the first category I am referring to people not of the so-called Soft Left or of the Trotskyite aberration, both of whom abhor strict communism, albeit for different reasons. I refer to those of the Hard Left with, at their core, the Ultra-Hard Left. These are dedicated, dyed-in-the-wool Marxist-Leninists, who would not appreciate being called Communists since this implies membership in the quite useless US Communist Party. They are, nevertheless, staunch communists and in nine cases out often will act in accordance with the dicta of Marxist-Leninism, even though those wishes may remain unexpressed and even though the person concerned would stoutly claim he was acting for “conscientious” or “patriotic” reasons.

The second group of communists inside, and now dominating, the “American” democrat/republican Party can be characterized as follows: those persons with a deep political and emotional commitment to a form of socialism so far left as to qualify as Marxism-Leninism; persons who will, in any given set of circumstances or in any contingency, almost invariably react quite spontaneously in a manner completely parallel to, or convergent with, the desires of Marxist-Leninist foreign policy vis-à-vis America and/or the European Union; persons who need no briefing or instructions whatsoever, and who would probably be offended if such were proposed; persons who, wittingly or unwittingly, whether impelled by personal conviction, a warped patriotism, a desire to destroy, a craving for self-advancement, a fear of intimidatory pressure, a sense of their own self-importance, or a desire to move with the herd, will conduct themselves in a manner that suits communists interests perfectly. They all constitute agents of influence for the New World Order or Globalism.

They all, of course, claim to be seekers after democracy. Happily, the overwhelming majority of Americans today still understand by the word democracy a pluralist (multiparty) state, whose governing body shall be chosen at periodic intervals by universal adult suffrage based upon the secret ballot.

Obviously, Hard Left US communists, being people who eat, drink, breathe, sleep, dream, and work at left-wing politics every waking hour of every day, mean by the word democracy a “democracy of the committed,” with its controlling roles performed by themselves and like-thinkers. Unfortunately, the American takes few steps to correct this misapprehension because they are the propaganda arm of American communism (a triad of progressives, black racists and moslem jihadists). Only the minuscule American Right Wing (not to be confused with the totally infiltrated and controlled American “conservative” mass) contains men and women of sufficient mental toughness, competence and ideological fervor to defeat American communism that is currently consolidating its hold on the balkanized USA.

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