By Craig Andresen on August 20, 2014 at 4:38 am

ferg-1.jpg?width=313I intended to write an article today about the mess in Ferguson Missouri but let’s be honest here…brutally honest…I don’t know what happened when that punk kid got shot by the cop and neither do those who are rioting, looting, committing arson, shooting or going on the attack.

Jesse Jackson doesn’t know…Al Sharpton doesn’t know…Eric Holder doesn’t know…Obama doesn’t know and neither does the grand jury that’s been seated to railroad that cop into court.

NOBODY really knows what went down in that moment nor will they until the investigation is complete and when that is done, if charges are warranted, so be it. A trial will follow, a verdict will be rendered and whatever happens next will happen…but I guarantee you this…if there is no trial or the cop is found not guilty IN a trial…there WILL be more of what we’ve seen in Ferguson over the past 12 days and nights.

It won’t just be contained IN Ferguson either and there’s a reason for that…

Now I said I was going to be brutally honest and so…here goes…

There are good people in Ferguson…plenty of them from both sides of the political aisle and of all colors of skin but what we’re seeing there now is a direct result of idiots and fools.

Perhaps the most inane thing uttered in the wake of the shooting of that punk and while the riots continue came directly from the mouth of Don Lemon at CNN a few days ago…


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  • Question ??  How many of the revolting young males in St.Louis are basically...UNEMPLOYED ///


  • My husband I was talking today about the young officer, NOW that the FBI and HOLDER coming riding in to save their (people) PLEASE dont roll over dont let them bully you into anything, You did nothing wrong in our eyes. ONLY thing wrong is your white.Oh and a police officer, I grant you there are police that abuse.And black claim there is tension among black community and the police. WELL LOOK HERE at this town duh. No matter what they claim or say don`t give in to their wishes. YOU DID NOT CAUSE THE RIOTS OR LOOTING Those who started was the looters themselves. I hope someone can tell this officer there are people backing him( we just don`t riot)

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