White House Tells Lies (Repeatedly) To Win

The White House re-election campaign has denied any knowledge of an abhorrent, misleading Super PAC ad that wrongly blames GOP challenger Mitt Romney for the death of a steelworker's wife from cancer.

Campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki responded by saying: "We have nothing, no involvement, with any ads 4063554824?profile=originalthat are done by Priorities USA.  We don't have any knowledge of the story of the family."  Deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter stated: "I don't know the facts about when Mr. Soptic's wife got sick, or the facts about his health insurance."

The problem for the Oval Office and its hope for re-election is; Soptic told the story on May 14, 2012, in a conference call hosted by the Obama campaign.


This is from someone who condemned PAC attack ads running in favor of John Edwards during the 2008 campaign.  This is from a candidate who attacks Super PACs that are on Romney’s side, but never utters one peep about the PACs that are aligned with him, launching slanderous attacks against Romney on his behalf.

Apparently for “progressives”, civility remains a one way street.

Evidence shows how the White House’s assertion that political appointees were not involved in Energy Department loan decisions is a flat out lie.

Documents and sources knowledgeable of the situation show that disagreement between administration officials over approval of a $1.4 billion loan to another project was resolved by then-White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley.

4063554846?profile=originalLast summer the Oval Office occupier was briefed personally about a federal loan program aimed at helping clean-energy companies.   The briefing took place a mere two months before failure of the solar company Solyndra.  Solyndra was trumpeted by the White House as the poster child for solar power success in America.


It is easy to understand why Romney and his supporters justifiably lament the cheap, two-bit, Chicago thug style, dirty, lying, lowlife, bottoms scraping, scumbag, “progressive”, Alinsky tactics being used daily by the current White House occupant’s re-election campaign.  But to remain stuck in lament or defense mode plays right into their hands.

The best option is to stick to the truth and use the abundant available evidence to successfully portray the current administration and its “progressive” political allies for what they are.  So incredibly inept at governing that their own failed leadership and flagrant incompetence has forced them to lie, cheat and resort to character assassination in order to misrepresent themselves and their opponent.

Then paint the portrait of a viable alternative to failure: A proven leader who has achieved the American dream through pursuit of happiness.

Follow that with a series of questions.

Who would you rather have leading the United States of America; someone so inexperienced, inept and incompetent that Americans are resorting to Welfare, Disability and Food Stamps for survival?  Someone who must resort to blatantly dishonest tactics in an attempt to salvage their own failed, sagging political4063554785?profile=original career?

Or would you rather have America led by a competent, successful and experienced businessman of good moral character who has plans to revitalize the American private sector economy and put Americans back to work?

America deserves better than having an inexperienced, incompetent, inept liar as President of the United States.

You deserve better.


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  • I think one good place to start the demand is with the Chairman of the RNC.  He is getting pretty ticked off with the way the Republican Candidates.  Another guy to start contacting to get the ball rolling is with John Sununu if anyone knows how to get in touch with him.  But I was also thinking since we have the truth and very articulate guys on our side the Dems might get smashed by their own party members when they see the truth upend the lies of the Democrats.

  • You can bet Priorities USA are NOT running any ads for "free" - -if the campaign isn't paying the tab, then what do you want to bet- -it sorry@zz george, or his media matters that's footing the bill??

  • In no way is Romney a RINO, sometimes he is a little to soft and polite for my likes, but deep down he is a patriot.  One sure proof of that is his picking Paul Ryan for VP.  If Paul Ryan is a RINO then it is time to surrender and move to another country.  I do believe everyone will be amazed at what these two will do.  The prediction I made four years ago to someone who asked what would it be like after the election.  I said if McCain Palin win the economy would shoot up, if Obama won it would drop like a rock.  I think the same prediction holds true for this election.  If Romney and Ryan, The R and R Express, Non Stop to D.C., business will boom immediately along with jobs.  If the little dictator wins we are going over the cliff and it will take years to recover, if ever.  Obama the Destroyer will break the legs of this country at the knees.  We can look up what we are going through as mild as you ain't gonna believe how fast we will drop to another 3rd world country.  And that is not just a prediction, it is a promise.

  • I cannot get upset that Romney and Ryan might be some cast of RINO.  The backbiters and nitpickers are serving little or no purpose now.  For now is the time to unite as Obama and his Communist minions are in charge, like it or not, and must be routed out even if it should come to national force later on.  And where were all these latter day complainers during the primaries?  They allowed the RINO establishment and the press too great a hand in nominee selection at all levels.   Obama and his destroyers of the Republic are the real dangers!  Lose this election and we lose the Nation!  That's the sum and total of it!

  • The American people must do all in their power to peacefully get obama and his minions out of power.

  • we the people,who are the real government,ok oren,you wanted to start our own party,first how do we begin it,were do we begin,lets say this is {starting our own party class 101}ok oren your on begin.i see a lot of blogs bad mouthing the government,i agree with most of them.again lets put our legal tax paying american veterans/citizens heads together,and either join with other freedom loving,god fearing american citizens groups,or start one of our own,lets communicate/focus/prepare/plan/refine plan/exchange ideas/gather.god bless ron paul,sheriff joe and cold case posse,brian terry and family,chuck norris,frank serpico,and all american veterans/citizens.

  • Albert M Surink &: James: Albert, your comment is so accurate and funny. James the analogy is perfect. We definitely need to stop digging and starting to fill in the hole. I also think that the stage we've allowed it to get to will take long after I'm gone to correct, but let's start plugging.

  • James;

    I have thought about it a little. And getting rid of Obama is just a small step in the right direction. Until we can figure out how to change the whole corrupt mentality of those residents inside the Washington beltway, there is little hope for definitive change.

    It is easy to change those elected individuals, however those numskull dumbass bureaucrats that have taken up permanent residence inside the beltway are like a cockroach infestation. We would have to tent and treat the entire area.   

  • You only need to look at the financial status of Illinois to see what Obama has planned for all of the US.Work hard to kick him out of office now before it is too late.

  • It would probably be just as accurate to say the White House never tells the truth.  I don't believe a word they say and don't even bother listening to them anymore.  The Sound of his voice drives me nuts.

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