White House Removes U.S. Flags!

This is part of the 'change' we were promised. But nobody will question him in fear of being called a racist. What an embarrassment.
For a long time, we have noticed that the decor at the White House has changed since BHO moved in.
The Oval Office is now stripped of the traditional red, white, and blue, and replaced with middle eastern wallpaper, drapes, and decor.
The hallway that he walks out of to talk to the press now has middle eastern chairs, drapes, etc. And the thing that has bothered me the most is the bright yellow drape behind him every time he speaks from the white house.
It has Arabic symbols on it and has been there from the beginning. 
What is missing at Barack Hussein Obama's press conference?
No it is not the teleprompters. See the other presidents pics for a clue.


                              Can't see the photos? Go Here:


That's right...no American flags!!!

Vote in November like your way of life depends on it! Because it does!!!!!

Today I received this and it clearly shows what I have been noticing.

That bright yellow curtain is highly visible, but as you scroll down,you will see what is predominantly absent. 

Also, as you look at the pictures of other presidents speaking from the same spot, look at the traditional 'American' background and decor as opposed to the new decor. 

Trust me when I say that this is intentional.  It should alarm every American.


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  • Nothing in Washington can be changed until the lobby industry is criminalized. Lobbying is just a sugar coated word for bribery. It overides the will of the people.

    Nothing in Washington can be changed until the committee system is overhauled. Key people have gained a stranglehold on what is voted on. The idea of junior and senior congressmen is a joke. Each congressman represents a soverigh state. Congress is not a union where a person build up seniority. The power of congressmen has been perverted with this idea.

    States should pass laws that requires federal representatives to make regular reports before state congresses. States should pass laws that forbids their representatives to accept any money or gifts from any sources other than their own state. Laws need to be passed that blocks people from outside any state to participate in the elections of representatives from another state. The selection of representative should reflect the will of the people from that state alone. 

    Campaign election must be reformed to where anyone can run.

  • Impeach Obama for giving aid and comfort to the enemies of America. Using  the American Military to aid rebels in Libya and then claiming he is protecting civilians knowing full well the rebels contain members of Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. Using facebook to incite riots and sending money to the middle east to cause unrest . This caused oil and gas prices to raise to outrages levels. Impeach Obama for openly refusing to obey or support the Constitution of The United States.
    Impeach Obama for releasing terrorists from prison just to have them return to terrorist organizations to kill our brave men and women .
    Impeach Obama and charge him with treason.

    "The liberals are asking us to give Obama time.
    I agree and think 25 to life would be appropriate."
  • Exactly they don't care what we think and anyone questioning them will be labeled a number of things.
  • It's all a scam and we're all extremists for questioning. Yes on CNN last night they said the extremists questioning the birth certificate will most likely not give up even though they've been proven wrong. No it's not extreme to question the authenticity of a document that took this long to surface. The only extreme is the lengths taken to conceal this information. When someone goes to such lengths to hide something commonsense tells us something is wrong.
  • all that oboma needs is a bone in his nose and his ears and his hair in dread locks and a big bowl of chittlins for dinner..and god bless the queen of england for not inviteing the  ooobooomaaas to the wedding
  • there are groups out there selling drivers licences  social secutity cards birth certificates to illegal mexicans that work just fine..oboma can buy one from them to  i have a good rope i will donate
  • this man[animal] is going to destroy america..americans we need to remove this being from office one way or another where is lee harvey oswalt when you need him..what ever happened to the K K K when they have a job to do..
  • to Steve Eichler: I am a Mom who is trying to get her  kids involved more in the actions of Obama's White House, so I emailed this to both of them. Their response to me was similar "Tell the guy who runs that site to put something CURRENT on the site--that post was almost a year old! Is the whole Tea Party a whole year behind?"  And one of them added, "Obama is now wearing the flag on his lapel again." Neither of them are happy with Obama,and my main goal is to make him a one termer,but your year old posting really backfired on me! I saw a good knock-knock today--

    Knock knock.

    Who's there?


    Kenya who?

    Kenya just show me your REAL birth certificate, please???

  • My God is right  does he really think that the American people and I dont mean his people are going to stand for him takeing down our flag. Does he really think that the American people are going to stand for this.In all of the presidents that this county has had not of one of them took OUR FLAG down. I do believe that this guy thinks he really runs this county,but he does not . We as a people tell them what to do .I think it is time for the AMERICANS TO STAND TOGETHER AND TELL THIS MAN  TO STEP DOWN AND WE ARE NOT GOING TO LET SOMEONE WHO CANNOT PRODUCE A BIRTH CERTIFICATE  FOR THIS COUNTY to ever remoce OUR FLAGS from OUR WHITE HOUSE. I might be old and my body not what it use to be,but  i can still STAND AND FIGHT FOR MY COUNTY.  IF I HAVE PRODUCE A BIRTH CERTIFICATE TO GET A DRIVES LICENSES THEN SO DOES  the man in the WHITE HOUSE.
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