Some well meaning individuals believe we are headed for another civil war; well, that war has already been fought and won by the Progressives/far left via mass indoctrination in all levels of education and generally in the academic and unionized world in our Nation.

The ecological/save the earth propaganda has made us the enemy and has mobilized and has taken control in all agencies in government, including the legal arena.

Just as Hitler named an enemy and controlled every agency/ making rules and regulations aside from the governing/legislative body. Yes, that civil war has been won right under our nose as we were waiting for a glorious armed conflict.  It is over, and we are paying the price, and it is going to get even worse.

If we do not begin educating en masse our young people and prepare them intellectually; monetarily and with gusto we will not be the USA we thought. 

Time is not on our side.  It will take decades to make a dent into this endeavor.  Our grandiose assumptions about freedom, liberty etc. is all but slipped away.  We are finished if we think things will change with Trump or any President that favors our ideals.  They are just fixtures that will be trashed before they finish their terms.  They are hemmed into a network of socialist/marxist idealogy; no matter what they claim, otherwise. We cannot chance putting all our chips on him or them that come after.

We must take extreme measures and caution, without becoming them, to overcome this network that was so well planned long before we realized it was in place.

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