Which GOP Contender will Keep Their Word in the WH

My wife and I were a very nervous and excited young couple purchasing our first home. Our home builder was a dear friend of my parents. Upon going to closing, there were numerous odds and ends the builder had not completed. He vowed to complete my home asap and asked that I sign a paper for the bank stating that he completed all the work on my home.

My mom cautioned me not to sign the paper. Mom said, “Eaten bread is soon forgotten.” I ignored Mom's counsel. Sure enough, after my builder received his check from the bank, I had to chase him for over a year to complete my home.

Just like my builder said whatever necessary to get paid, politicians make voter-pleasing promises on the campaign trail. After they are elected, they forget their promises. Therefore, the final Jeopardy question is – Which GOP presidential contender will keep their word if elected? Having been burnt so many times, trustworthiness, character and backbone must be paramount in selecting our nominee.

In this primary season, we have witnessed honorable conservative candidates dialing back their original comments or apologizing due to pressure from the mainstream media and the candidate's handlers. This raises concerns in me about how these candidates will holdup under world class attacks once they are in the WH.

Leftists (mainstream media, Democrats and liberals) viciously insulted and accused president Ronald Reagan of every nasty thing imaginable. It takes a rare human being to stand firm in the midst of 24/7 relentless character assassination. Thus, my question. Which GOP contender will follow through with their conservative promises?

At the top of my list is Senator Ted Cruz. On several issues, Cruz seems to always end up on the opposite side of the GOP establishment and Leftist Democrats; in-sync with We the People. Cruz never follows the crowd. Eagles fly alone.

Remember Cruz getting hammered by Democrats and Republicans for fighting to defund Obamacare? Win or lose, We the People desperately needed to see someone on our side not simply rolling over and playing dead in surrender to Obama as he transforms our great country.

Cruz boldly says he is a Christian. During the GOP debate, I was struck by how naturally Cruz shared his dad's testimony; transformed from an alcoholic abandoning his wife and three year old Ted to giving his heart to Jesus and reuniting with his family. Politicians do not speak that freely about God and Jesus these days in the political public square. Obviously, Ted Cruz rejected the Left and MSM's memo banning God. As I said, eagles fly alone.

Some GOP contenders are wishy-washy on illegal immigration, even joining the liberal mainstream media in calling Trump racist for addressing it. Imagine how easily such a president's position could be swayed when he or she is trashed by the media.

Another GOP contender hopes to win black votes by exempting them from having to show a photo ID to vote. We do not want a president who is willing to surrender to the absurd Democrat party lie that it is too challenging for blacks to find their way to the DMV to acquire a photo ID. Americans do not want another president pandering to various voting blocs and selectively enforcing our laws.

While any of our GOP 17 are far superior to another socialist in the WH, a few are GOP establishment, big donor and Chamber of Commerce Trojan horses. They talk a good conservative game before the election. But once in the WH, they will prove to be a Manchurian candidate of the Washington cartel.

The Bible repulses the MSM like showing Dracula the cross. Still, Cruz quoted scripture, “you shall know them by their fruit.” Cruz said we see lots of “campaign conservatives.” He added that to win in 2016, we need a consistent fiscal, social and national security conservative. Cruz also touted that he has been a defender of life his entire career. This guy paints in bold colors folks.

Cruz looked America squarely in the eye and made bold promises during the GOP debate causing him to surge in the polls. On his first day as president, Cruz vows to rescind every illegal and unconstitutional executive action taken by Obama. He will instruct the DOJ to investigate the shocking videos and prosecute Planned Parenthood for any criminal violations. He will defend religious liberty, cancel the Iran deal and move the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Cruz also vows to repeal Obamacare.

Again, as I stated, while all of our contenders know how to say what We the People want to hear, the $64,000 Question (1950s TV game show) is which one is “for real?” Who will keep their word?

Here is Cruz's last statement of the GOP debate. “I will keep my word. My father fled Cuba, and I will fight to defend liberty because my family knows what it's like to lose it.”

I believe him, folks. I believe him.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee

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  • You know what?,....we all can be here talking about all this until the next asteroid or comet hits Earth, or the Super-volcano / La Caldera under Wyoming explode and in any event send us all to Kingdom come ,...so let's be straight , simple and brief on it, shall we?

    Well, the american public is getting aware by the hour that Donald Trump is not a republican from the GOP RINO-camp....he is out there as a man from teh american people, not fear to say the reality as it is,.....liberals(libertines)-democrats and their sold-out RINO republicans associated do not like it a bit....and now and for the rest of time in the planet, they will blow out of proportion any minuscule detail in the attempt to make the man looks bad....but the american public is not going to buy this one...they (we) need a solid serious and fearless true-core american for presidential platform and so far the only one out there doing this is Donald Trump....the rest are faking it.
    This is out there - RE ; - [ Why Donald Trump Is Leading The Republican Field? ]
    Well, this is very simple to understand.
    First, the GOP is not quite solid bastion in favour of the american public, for the DNC and the GOP are virtually the same thing.
    Both sectors are an amalgamate of corrupted politicians embarked in their very own special selfish interests that once they get elected?.... promises made, are easily forgotten.....meaning?...'politics as always'
    Donald Trump just as Sarah Palin too, represents rejection of the chronic 'staus quo' of politics as always.,...where the american public , and our country needs, falls into second level of importance after every election.
    The GOP old rancid establishment wants Trump out....starting with (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus .
     And so there goes Cruz, Perry,....and everyone in between teaming along with the main stream ultra-obamanized media holding and blowing out of proportion what the man said about McCain.
    As result of Donald Trump run for presidency , not only Perry, Bush,Cruz,...but everyone else is terrified inside the GOP.
    Donald Trump is quite solid about everything;..he is under severe attack - ( and it will continue that way, quite beyond 2016 elections) - due to the fact the man is telling the truth flat out, without fear of any kind....liberal (libertines) - democrats and their associates sold-out RINOs republicans, resent to be confronted with reality;....evidently there is a sense of frustration, and infuriated they get when facing even a fraction of the truth so eagerly they try to evade,.... and so, they deny it....pretending, that if they do not see it...or run from it , it just simply does not exist.
    And here is a thing that seems to be eluding everyone out there;....
    Mr Trump is not really a republican,...not like those RINOS out there - (from the GOP) -...he is a true-core American representative...he a man from the people,...this man is a real-core American patriot....just like Sarah Palin - which is hate by the rancid GOP just as well....these two true-solid americans are very similar,....no compromises, no fine print, no pretenses,...shouting, and shooting the truth , flat out....and democrats and sold-out RINO-type republicans do not like it.
    This is also out there;
    And so, views out there are dime a dozen,,,,quite frankly nobody know what the future may bring....however;.....
    Someone out there did suggest ; - "Sarah Palin had Obama pegged from the start. She and Trump holds similar views."
    The GOP and DNC are virtually the same thing.
    Donald Trump is a threat to the rancid GOP..so..just like Sarah Palin,...truth is told and so the rancid GOP establishment does not like it.
    We need leaders that are pro-people, like Sarah Palin and Donald Trump...they both tell the truth flat out, without an iota of fear....only Trump is the only on out there so far;....should Sarah Palin would join efforts with Trump?....,that is a quite solid presidential combination where all of us can count on , for it is a full pro-USA american people approach.
    If Donald Trump wants to have solid vice-president partner there is nobody better than Gov Sarah Palin.....perhaps, he may / will consider that powerful option.
    On that presidential proposal the american public can count on .....we, the patriots, can vote on that ticket and the restoration of our great country will start.
    Input anyone? Opinions welcome.
  • Trump/Cruz or Cruz/Trump ticket is the one this country needs.

  • The closest GOP candidate to Ronald Reagan is??? Donald Trump! We need a Reagan again! Both are/were NON-POLITICIANS that don't need to suck up to special interests and lobbyists.

    It's time for a NEW DAY in America, let's make America GREAT again!

  • John Dummett is the man for me.  he has been at the front of the battle against fuehrer Obama but doesn't get the publicity he deserves because he isn't a billionaire.  John will stand up to the criticism and I trust him much more than I could ever trust trump.  check him out:


  • Which one will keep their promises?  None of them. 

  • I have posted that I like Rand Paul, Cruz, and Trump. My pick would be either of these candidates. Why? Cruz is a rebel, a Christian, and knows his way around when it comes to Law. Rand Paul is Doctor and often donates his time to care for people, has a Great Father Ron Paul who cares for our country, and even though he is not as controversial as Cruz, he still fights for constitutional issues. Trump is not Politically Correct, and often does what he says, and is smart enough to keep from going bankrupt by knowing the law. Trump likes to win. I think he would be smart enough to put the right people in his cabinet to help America be great again, but he does obviously see that running for President can be lucrative for his bank account. Out of these three, I would hope that two of them would team up as Candidates to run for VP and Pres. The question is: Who out of the three see the job as President as a Civil Servant of the People??

  • I have a problem with politicians.  Having said this, I would like to see a Trump/Cruz ticket.  If we all recall, Trump stated that he supported both Republicans and Democraps because he is a businessman.  If he had said he never bought a politician I would not support him.   On that note, I would like someone, anyone, to tell me that they know for a fact that a large business man in this Country that did not pay politicians for favors.  I am not condoning this act, I am just attempting to show that at least he is honest.  He did say he would do something about lobbyists.

  • My money's on Cruz.  Rubio's a close second. In order, my remaining choices are: Trump, Christie, Donald Duck, Bush.

  • Absolutely!  Ted has the experience as a proven conservative and is solidly established as a man of unwavering Christian values who we can count upon to help America shift back to greatness as being the city upon a hill first envisioned in the days of Ronald Reagan, who was to this point the greatest American President of this generation.  I have had my 2016 Ted Cruz for President gladly showing in my apartment window for months now and will gladly work the 'phones to promote his candidacy between now and the primary and later the general election, too!

  • Cruz is my second choice. TRUMP # 1!
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