The other day there was a member of this site who posted regularly and often, "RAISING UP A STANDARD."


This member has inexplicably disappeared from the site.


All Blog Posts and All comments.


What Happened?


Anyone got a clue?

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  • Thank you for your comment Robert.


    FYI, I posed an inquiry on the "Report an Issue" link at the bottom of the page.

    I got responses from two different people. One seemed genuinely interested but had no explanation. That was Tea Party Founder.


    The other responded as though it was of no concern at all. Are you ready for this? It was supposedly The Executive Director, Tea Party, Steve Eichler! "Sorry. No idea." End of story?


    Other than that there has been no explanation, no comment about an infraction, nothing.

    Just poof and RUS is gone!


    Yes. I agree. Best not to point fingers! They can get bitten off!

  • Douglas,

    I was just noticing the same thing and then saw this post. Very odd.  She commented quite often to some of my posts and visversa.  I know there was one person (I wont point any fingers) who seemed genuinely upset with her, though I read those posts and thought it a misunderstanding a best - it makes me suspect that this person might have used those posts to get her kicked off...but that is supposition on my part.

    If pettiness and such are going to become standard fare here, we will not be as effective as we can be - and we all need to be able to disagree with out it descending into something ugly....leave that to the hard left and their kind!

This reply was deleted.