The Black Panthers are supporters of Barack Hussein Obama in his quest for reelection as President.
Where were UN vote monitors in 2008 when members of the new Black Panther Party intimidated White citizens entering polls? 
Silly me, I forgot the UN supports bands of thugs strong arming elections- that's how the leaders of most of its member nations got in office.
Please review the following: New Black Panther Panther head says they may patrol polling places for the 2012 election
Is it too much to ask the Obama administration to tell the UN we can monitor our own elections???
I forgot, since suspected conservative election fraud is the cause I guess the government us welcoming them with open arms.
It's a socialist thing- guess we wouldn't understand.
* Specifically the monitors are with a UN partner organization named the Organization For Security and Cooperation In Europe ( OSCE ). I won't state the obvious that the United States isn't Europe. 
Update: Guess who the UN and its affiliates are against? You got it- Mitt Romney!
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  • if you see black hawk down or behind enemy lines there is 2 really clear situations where the UN while out to support the US is either not willng to join the fight oras in black hawk down even refuse to allow combat troops into the APC's,

    the UN like NATO has no value to any they eat up funds and are suppose to be in place as peace keepers most members of the armed forces refers to NATO and "no action, talk only", can anyone remember anything they have done for any one country?

    there is pictures of all these UN vehicles here in the US, all behind wire and cages, some at these "re-education camps" why would they be here?, who allowed them in the US??, is bummer going to bring them out if he starts loosing?,

    his expression during these debates is pure hatred, pure i cant believe you have the balls to question me, make light of all the programs I pit in place, the ones that have rebuilt the infra-structor, the bridges, rail and lets not forget the trillions of the high speed rail, or all the tax payer money going to my "green enery companies that have all done so well, just look aat the plant i gave millions to, to make batteries for the Volt, my workers are so good I pay them to play games and watch tv, th ehell with the batteries,


  • Black panthers with clubs require voters with pepper spray ,tazers etc!

  • If one Blue helmet is seen at a polling place so help us all! Lock and load. Will we not drag them to the curb? No need to beat them just pick them up and remove them as they aren't registered voters nor election officials vetted by the county. If they Fred's book "Battlin the UN" and join a militia!

  •              Expecting a criminal organization like the United Nations to prevent voter fraud is akin to expecting chicken hawks and foxes to guard the henhouse ,  absolutely hilarious , they will both eat the chickens ( engage in fraud ) and blame it all on the roosters .

  • Every state should call on their militia

  • I just heard on Fox News Cable that the NAACP and ACLU sent a letter to the UN asking for monitors at the polls in Penn., Ohio, Fla., Wis., and maybe Tx. Is this true? And if it is who's going to be there to watch them. We are not some 3rd world country. Is this an excuse to get UN troops on our soil. I pray to God not. The UN has no judistiction over anything in America. WHere is Congress? Is anyone going to stop this madness. They don't want ID's to protect against fraud, but yet they invite outsiders in to monitor. How ridiculous is that!!!!! Does Romney campaign know about this?  

  • The UN is an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, I believe.  OR they are being used by the Muslim Brotherhood and Obama to control us.  Of course the Black Panthers are muslims.......They are the protector of Obama and the left idiots.  Wiping them out will be easy.  Its the Muslims all over the world that will be most difficult.  Especially when the economy is so bad under the next 4 years of Obama that the USA cannot afford a military.  That is Obama's goal.  And the former Military generals who are supporting Obama are so sick.  This is going to get bad I would say.  Stay strong and pray.   God knows what He is doing and as long as we serve HIM alone, we will eventually see peace and there will be no liberals or Obama or anyone like him in the end.

  • I Have Always Said The U.N. Should Be Shut Down And Be relaced By A Zoo.Same With The Black Panters A Bunch Of Sisses Who Prey On Senior Citizens.Stay Frosty.

  • Here's what I have to say to the UN and the chicken s##t bitch panthers..GET THE HELL OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN! This sleeping giant is about to awaken and it will get ugly! I'll give you until the elections are over and then no matter who win's you will be forced to comply by either We the People (MiTT) or by your daddy (o buttmunch bama) Don't like what I have to say? Don't care, your day is coming....

  • By the looks of the pathers they are now under the control of the brotherhood or have turned muslim..

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