Where Lies the Blame?

I believe Obama should be impeached because he has failed to follow the Constitution in many respects but particularly in his vow to protect the Constitution.  Article I, the very first, states that national security is first and foremost the priority of the national government.  President Obama has just unleashed five top mastermind terrorists back into this world.  President Obama withdrew from Iraq while were just making progress into the war on terror and the terrorists now have a new and strong wind in their sails.  The same thing will happen if we withdraw from Afghanistan.

So we impeach Obama.  But then what?  Who takes over?  Biden?  I don't feel any more secure with Biden.  Still, impeaching Obama would make a huge statement.

I cannot condemn Obama for being who he is.  But I can, most vehemently, condemn the koolaid drinking, bleeding heart, liberal voters who voted him into office for a SECOND term of incompetent administration.  I do not believe that the heart of America has ever been in his corner.  Big changes need to be made in the electoral process.

With the electronic age upon us, one man - one vote, should be the new mantra.  Our SS#s are no secret to anybody, least of all the government via the IRS.  We should vote right on our computers, under our SS#.  PERIOD.  One vote, one SS#.  No other way.  Obama would NOT have gotten back into office, or even into office in the first place, had this system been in place.  The electoral college?  OUT.  No need for it now in the 21st century.

The time is long overdue for a huge change in the running of this country.  Our personal freedom and survival is at stake.  Big government squashes big dreams.  And the unrestricted ability to find fruition of our big dreams is what has made this country great.

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