Where Are We Headed?

What is the direction that America is taking?   Have we lost our sense of direction? Is it too late to restore our Constitutional values and our Founding Principles?

These are serious questions that should concern every American citizen.  Our future as a free nation may very well be at stake, and most citizens don't even have a clue that our nation is hanging on by a thread.

We are financially strapped, morally bankrupt, and unemployment and our healthcare system is in a shambles.  These are just the tip of our runaway iceberg.

It is time for Americans to come together to rethink the American Dream.  It is time to put America first and to rekindle the fire of freedom and liberty.  America is the last bastion of hope for the world.  If we fail now all hope for future freedom will be lost.

Wake up my fellow Americans and rise to the challenge.


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  • I have not read the comments yet, but I will after saying this:  Democrats are destroying this nations freedom and of every man/woman/child in the entire world.  Republicans are for compromising with the Democrats.  Meanwhile the direction of downward spiral continues.  Elect a Republican to the White House and  AT  BEST  you get a slowing of the spiral, not a stoppage or reversal of the anti-liberty trend.  We need liberty to reverse the present trend toward socialism & captivity of the spirit of America.  Democrats offer nothing but payola to its lowest supporters, but Utopian pure-heart rhetoric to its middle-class members.  One is criminal, the other is irrational Peter Pan nonsense.  Do we need to compromise with criminals?  

    We elect a Democrat for two terms, then a Republican for two terms, a Democrat for two terms, and a Republican, etc.  What was that definition of insanity?  Electing and re-electing the same idiots and expecting not-an-idiot.  So who is the real idiot here?  

    In truth (as I see it), when we have a Democrat in office the Republicans have particular complaints of loosing freedoms.  And they are correct.  Elect a Republican to office and the Democrats have the SAME particular complaints.  And they are correct.  Each complains about the other doing the same thing that they do, and as soon as they get into office the trend continues unabated.  The result is:  they BOTH tell the truth about the other.  The conclusion as I see it is:  They are twin forks of the same tree.  We have loosing liberties with either one if office.  The trend is the same.  

  • Look at what I just stumbled upon !4086717336?profile=original

  • I see no comments by a Harry so what are they talking about addressing a person named Harry? Emery, America has bought much of the Liberal lie and it was because they want to allow and support perversion. We note that many women suggest Americans must support abortion with our hard earned taxes. Some groups, like the AARP, a group claiming to be for seniors, wants them to pay for that evil, also. They were paid well by Obama with billions of dollars before his election! How many children hear about honor or integrity going to our Federally controlled Liberal schools. How many of them realize it was the Liberal teaching that actually changed America into a school shooting immoral place not where one should want to be?

    The Liberal media is the most corrupt media ever and it will not change. All we can do is tell on them and their anti-American lies and corruptions! They are very much like their God, Obama, and have no honor and do not support this in others as that would reveal their corruption!

  • @Harry Lipton: Keep dreaming.

  • You did good my friend ! LOL !

  • Get him Daniel ...what the hell is he doing here anyway ?

  • @ Harry Lipton, bailed out much? How do you like putting yourself in debt, then receive tax dollars to cover your loss? Hows your job? Secure? Wont be for long.
  • Here's the deal: I'm one of those "low-information" progressives who reads (unlike the genii here) everything, Breitbart, Tea Party, MSNBC, CNN, NBC, you name it. What I see here a lot since 2011 is that people seem to live and die by predictions. Very few seem interested in what's happening now.

    I read that Romney was going to kill Obama, that Obamacare would never get passed, that the dollar would fail, the economy would collapse, the stock market will have the bottom fall out, and all the guns would be taken away when Obama declares martial law, and now that Obamacare will be repealed, AND that the economy is going to collapse soon.

    So I want to ask this: Where were you guys in 2008, when the economy DID collapse, and I lost $200,000? (I got it back thanks to the stimulus, thank you, Obama.)

    And this: Can I call you guys on your predictions a year from now if the economy continues to surge and Obamacare is a true fait accompli? Or will you simply move your silly prognostications up another year or two, and forget what you said the year previous?

    Let's see one of you high-information voters answer that without calling me names.

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