Where are most of our taxes going?

Author: Brian D. Hill

Source: USWGO Alternative News





I used to ask my mom and grandma why we need to pay taxes and the response was that it is so that the Government can provide us all ofthese services (Which most are Free!!!) but now in 2010 I am seeing lessand less of our tax dollars going to all Government programs and so Iam seeing money making schemes all over the Government programs just tosimply stay alive.

Some of these examples are that most National Parks and Pass roadways are no longer free and end up usually charging you $20 per visit withnothing to show for it except you get to see the park and hike there,then several criminal records sites I found while doing research nolonger offer free records search and now force you to pay the Governmenta fee in order to check state criminal records, so many public schoolscan't even function anymore without fundraisers and box top collectors,then now I hear that libraries in certain areas of the country are in threat of being shut down,and I also hear about a halt on any raises for Social Security moneydue to belt tightening budgets even though prices are on the increase.

So while funding for Government programs is down, why is our taxes going up!

I even checked the last receipt at Walmart and my NC state taxes have increased from 7 cents to 7.75 cents. We are seeing a major rise inmore Government taxes but yet we are seeing more funding being strippedfrom programs anywhere from National Parks (Gee with the fees theycharge anymore no wonder why I hear stories that there's people that tryto take stuff from National Parks such as rocks and other stuff fromparks cause they used to be free now it's all money at parks), to PublicSchools (No wonder so many wish to leave the public school system andenroll in Home School), to libraries having to reduce days (They did inMayodan NC they are now open only 3 days a week), to the post officehaving a debate on whether they should cut off Saturday deliveries, toSchool cafeterias going from regular cafeteria food to TV Dinner like meals,to Medicaid making constant cuts from dentist care to certainprescriptions being no longer covered by medicaid, to those that receiveSocial Security Disability benefits being fined (Penalized) for simplyplaying the lottery or even making less then $600, heck even less then$300 a year or even just for receiving child support payments, and topolice officers being unable to prosecute people for smaller crimes ormore police officers being laid off due to tightening budgets.

I saw it all on my trip last month and I've heard it all. The state is officially in debt plus all states are losing money. Still though youwould think taxes would still be used to fund all the Governmentprograms I talked about since it is basic services for the community andfor Conservation. Since we are seeing a fall in all funding sources forGovernment programs including National Parks then why on earth are we paying more taxes???

Where is our money going? Why is it going? Why is many branches of government programs charging and doing fund raisers just to make it? Isour taxes going down a Black Hole and being wasted???

First of all lets talk about the why and how our taxes are being used up:

  1. First of all the first of many of our primary tax wasters is !!!THE BAILOUT!!! where executives were receiving bonuses and many corporationsreceive free money from the Tax Payers but never gave anything back inreturn, nor did they bring anyn new jobs but in fact instead moreemployees are being laid off due to the worsening economic recession dueto the bailout.
  2. The 2nd primary tax waster is the stupid (Ah Did I mention Stupid!) War in the middle east that's been going on for almost a decade now.This war is the 2nd worst primary tax waster and is also responsible forthe massive debt our government has collected which they will eitherexpect the tax payers to pay up on the debt we DIDN'T Started (OurGovernment did!) or else foreign countries may consolidate our countryand states piece by piece which will end the Constitution forever(Eminent Domain). The wars going on and all the money spent on themilitary industrial complex is going through our tax money like it wasall being dumped into the harbor.
  3. The Stimulus package which was a revised version of !!!THE BAILOUT!!! where again not just executives and corporate money mastersreceiving free tax payers money but also state Government guys can wasteour money around since they can receive big checks without worryingabout conditions since it looks like Obama isn't enforcing that themoney be spent wisely.
  4. The Federal Reserve - They are the forth largest tax... Well I wouldn't call them a tax waster but they cause the dollar to lose valueby inflating the printing of dollar bills and so this forces the valueof everything to drop while prices of everything are inflating accordingto the economic situation. The Federal Reserve has made it hard forthose with even lots of money to survive due to the devaluation of thedollar bill.
  5. Campaign ads are where much of our tax payers money is instantly wasted. What's wrong with keeping it simple instead of flashy politicalads that probably cost hundreds to thousands per run on TV Stations.Campaign ads, hit pieces, and other forms of political party promotionends up using up loads of tax payers dollars. Don't worry though if youlet corporations bribe your candidates you won't have to worry muchabout tax usage for political campaigns.
  6. Government/Public Grants being wasted on corporations and high up organizations. While the small guys have a hard time obtaining a grant,high up organizations and corporations easily obtain government backedgrants and never have to pay them back. The corporations already havemillions to billions of dollars so why on earth can they just simply andeasily get Public funded Grants?
  7. It is suggested that many of our taxes are now being funneled (wasted!) for then foundation of a World Government, a North AmericanUnion, and a police state surveillance system that not only is not cheapbut will destroy the U.S. Constitution as we know it.
  8. and the tax wasters probably just goes on and on while the Government wants to ration all Government services to the people andproducts people err peasants can buy.

So where are our taxes going? You can guess after reading the list above!

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