When Will the NAACP Truly Help Its People?

4063538048?profile=originalUpon reading a post election article in which the NAACP is all fired up about supposed black voter suppression, my response was when will these people ever seriously do something to help black people?  Folks, I am sorry, but the NAACP and others in their civil rights syndicate are a despicable bunch. All they really care about is furthering Liberalism and increasing their political power. They are disgusting.

In their typical we know we can count on the MSM to help us “play” black voters and portray Republicans as the modern KKK, the NAACP and their race-baiting posse are insisting that the newly elected congress pass a robust Voting Rights Act Amendment.

Yes, heaven knows we black folks desperately need that. Why waste time and resources on fixing trivial things like black on black crime, blacks aborting themselves into extinction, epidemic high school dropouts, black baby daddies outnumbering fathers and record high black unemployment under Obama? Let's triple down on our efforts to create victim mindsets in blacks and racial hate. That will surely empower and enhance the lives of blacks.

Every time the NAACP and their MSM suck-ups launch another of their deplorable whitey-is-out-to-get-cha narratives such as black voters were disenfranchised during this election, it is shrouded in an we're-smarter-than-you arrogance. Not only are these vile people feeding us a load of crap, they are superior about it.

Charlie Rangel tried to scare blacks to the polls by saying that the GOP wants to return blacks to slavery in America.  This is trash folks. This evil little man is a disgrace.

First lady Michelle Obama tried to bribe blacks with a reward of fried chicken for their vote. Heck, why didn't Michelle throw in permission for blacks to indulge in an extra large slice of watermelon for dessert? A white politician making the same offer to blacks as Michelle would be tarred, feathered and run out of DC on a rail. When will black Americans wake up and smell the condescension, manipulation and exploitation coming from the Democrats; fronted by black traitorous operatives.

I could go on and on about black traitors in the Democratic Party screwing their own to please their socialist/progressive liberal massas. But why keep repeating what I have written in countless articles?

Let's talk about the broken promises, unfulfilled and wasted lives resulting from black leaders selling out their own to the Democrats' enslaving big government programs for 30 pieces of political silver. Real people. Real lives.

My late cousin Poochie (Lawrence) comes to mind. He was the eldest in my Aunt Bummie's cradle-to-grave welfare household; five fatherless sons. Poochie was the lone survivor who broke free from the government welfare system. Miraculously, Poochie worked his way through college and achieved great success. His four siblings all died young on welfare; drugs, AIDS, serial out of wedlock impregnating and crime. An idol mind truly is the Devil's workshop.

Urban blacks are finally beginning to smell the betrayal of so-called black advocates, white liberal socialist/progressives, the Democrats and Obama.

A talent agent once told me that he had seen numerous black kids with Michael Jackson talent living in the projects. According to this agent, kids in the projects were doing the moon walk before Michael brought it to the national stage. Fatherless households, drugs, teen pregnancies, quitting school and crime prevents many black youths from fulfilling their God given talents, gifts, potential and dreams.

Meanwhile, black Democrat operatives are running around trying to destroy and silence non-whiny successful blacks; laser focused on delivering blacks to the polls every election cycle scared and angry at whites.

Presuming that blacks are clueless idiotic sheep, the best the Democrats are offering blacks is a promise to stop white cops from shooting them at will, preventing the GOP from reinstating black slavery, lighter sentences when they are caught dealing drugs, free Obama phones, food stamps and more crumbs. Oh, and permission to eat fried chicken, if they are really good.

Black retired gifted neurosurgeon Dr Ben Carson gained international fame for his groundbreaking work separating conjoined twins. Carson came from humble beginnings raised by a single mom. What if Carson was among the extremely high number of black abortions? Could a brilliant black baby destined to cure Cancer have already been aborted?

Why on earth do blacks in the Democratic Party and Obama celebrate, protect, fund and vehemently defend Planned Parenthood who have a disproportionate high number of offices in black communities?

Blacks kill their babies in higher numbers than other races. Why are so-called black leaders so high on abortion? The answer is socialist/progressives intrenched in the Democratic Party believe babies contribute to destroying the planet. Blacks who supp at the socialist/progressive's table sacrifice black babies for their seats, keeping massa happy.

So, right on NAACP, push forward with you scheme to shame congress into passing your absurd unnecessary politically calculated Voting Rights Act Amendment.

Meanwhile, black lives are going down the toilet thanks to your failed government programs and refusal to seriously deal with real issues. And may God have mercy on your wretched souls.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American

Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee

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  • Those days are history.  The NAACP is no more needed now than labor unions.  That played an important part.....at ONE time.  But now, their egos have become over-inflated, and they've become so corrupt that they no longer serve a valid or useful purpose.  Same goes for the ACLU.  Only on rare occasions these days do they actually stand up for something true and right.  They should all be dissolved.

  • The National Association for the Advancement of Criminal People helps black thugs everyday.  The NAACP ignores blacks slaughtering blacks, ignores blacks attacking white people and. ignores the violence throughout the black community. 

  • I've been wondering: if the NAACP is so against Voter ID, why not use their vast resources to get blacks to the centers to get their ID instead of screaming 'racism' over it? That tells me right there that they don't care about the voters, only about making waves.

  • There has been a lot talk about slavery. Looking back in history it seems a lot white people, including brothers fought a great civil war and lost their lives for states rights and abolish slavery.  A popular President was assassinated because of it. And it was the black brothers who sold other black brothers into slavery. Slavery is a world wide wrong. Remember the children of Israel where slaves or in bondage to the Egyptians. So slavery is nothing new. Yet we have a group that is still in slavery. Slaves to the Democrat Party. And the point being, if anyone read history of the south, you would find one of the biggest plantation owners and slave holders was in fact black. Yep, he owned one of the biggest plantations in the south. And lets not forget the members of the Democrat Party, then known as "Dixiecrats" some who belonged to the KKK, right there in Washington voting down the civil rights bills. Some even had Confederate Flags in their office's. Trying to keep the ole south alive and well. And wasn't is Democrat governors that used their national guard to keep young blacks from attending all white schools? And today these same people run to the polls and vote for who ever has a (D) behind their names. I don't get it? Is it the freebies? Or the entitlement mentality? Why would you vote for a party or candidate that had a history of keeping you down?  This is more than just activist, not even Sharpton and Jackson should have that kind of power over the minds of others. And we had President Lyndon Johnson with this comment "we have those ni--ers voting Democrat for the next 100 years." What a racist. Yet, every election the majority of black voters keeps on voting Democrat. Amazing.....

  • It will never help it's people. The organization was designed to rip off the American taxpayers and for that they have succeeded.

  • What I would really like to know is why don't people like lloyd marcus get out into the projects and teach the blacks the truth?Start teaching them when they are new born children that there is no reason that they can't be or have just as good a life as another human being on this planet if they just don't fall for the democratic bs ,drop out of school get on drugs ,lie cheat and steal like a typical democrat community organizer.We have seen where and what they are really about!we have that in the wh and is destroying AMERICA

  • 4087173288?profile=original

    Though indirectly and primarily through surrogates, Democratic candidates in states with closely contested federal or statewide races are getting a boost from an ongoing shadow campaign of naked and dishonest race-baiting.

    In a piece chronicling the phenomenon, The New York Times noted this week that Democratic allies in Southern states are warning African-American constituents to vote on November 4 lest they want to see a return of Jim Crow, the figurative lynching of President Barack Obama, or more violent clashes with police akin to what occurred in Ferguson, Missouri this summer.

    “It’s not race-baiting; it’s actually happening,” said an official with the Democratic Party of North Carolina’s African-American caucus. “I can’t catch a fish unless there’s a worm on the hook.”

    No doubt, there will be takers for a message which suggests that a Republican Senate takeover could mean the impeachment of Barack Obama, and that this outcome is perfectly synonymous with the Jim Crow-era lynching of blacks in the Deep South. It’s a poisonous, unhinged, and deleterious brand of politics to espouse, but it is beyond a doubt that some do believe this.

    It seems, however, that it is possible to go over the line on race-baiting, even among liberals. Leave it to New York City Democratic Congressman Charlie Rangel to not only discover this elusive line, but to leap over it with reckless abandon.

    “Everything we believe in, everything we believe in they hate. They don’t disagree – they hate,” Rep. Rangel said while stumping for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. “Some of them believe that slavery isn’t over and that they won the Civil War.”

    Well, Mr. Rangel, not to take your populist ramblings too literally but, in a political context, Republicans did win the Civil War, and the 1864 presidential election after besting the defeatist Democratic candidate, Gen. George McClellan (whose son went on to become the mayor of New York City). But I digress…

    CNN dissected Rangel’s embarrassing comments on Friday, and it seems his statements were too much even for those on the left to lend any credence.

    “I’m trying to figure out why he’s even still in office,” said ESPN commentator LZ Granderson after observing that Rangel has been cited on 11 ethics violations over his career as a congressman representing Harlem. “If you think what he says is true, then I’m just going to tell you the truth: you’re an idiot.”

    “Slavery, and that time period, does not exist today,” he continued. “Is there racism? Absolutely, but it doesn’t exist in the same way it did during slavery times.”

    “I think it’s hard because it just feels so non-productive given the tone and the conversation that has been going on in this country for some time,” CNN anchor Michaela Pereira observed.

    Granderson agreed and closed by saying that he would welcome a time when the views of an older generation that supports of this kind of virulent race-baiting go the way of opposition to same-sex marriage. “If you’re still saying, ‘Nothing has changed in society,’ and we have an African-American president in the White House, then I just don’t know what to say to you rationally to get you to change your mind,” Granderson closed.

    CNN analyst and GOP strategist Ana Navarro observed accurately that Rangel has been an embarrassment to his party for some time. It is nevertheless shocking that, just three days before a national election, Rangel would be defenestrated by his political allies in this eye-opening a fashion.

    This post has been amended since it’s original publication.

  • Mr. Lloyd Marcus:

    Thank you for this article which is "Critical" for the average Black Person to read and understand.  In recent months I have seen some "Common Sense",... "Average Citizen Blacks" finally realizing these "same truths" that you speak of in this article.  I have heard them in "Chicago, "Detroit" and in some other cities start to speak out on this "very same issue".  I thank God for them and their "new found" wisdom and finally putting two and two together and finally realizing the simple fact, "that they have been used for unscrupulous purposes" which "holds them back" from the "very thing or things that they need to not only survive, but PROSPER".   "BLACK PEOPLE ARE NOT STUPID",.. but have been listening to the "Wrong Drummers"  and it is about time, as I now see happening,... are coming to the conclusion,... "DAM,... we have been doing this and doing that,.. (AS TOLD TO DO) and still have SHIT!!"  Hey,...  the same opportunities are out there for 'EVERYONE",.. free education, same higher education, same jobs, same housing, same food, same laws, ...  and you do see EVERYONE including persons of skin, or ethnic different backgrounds taking advantage of all of these 'SAME-O'S"!!  Now it's time to take a good look at your "individual selves"!!  Is it a game of you really don't give a dam,... or DO YOU REALLY WANT THE BEST!!  Well, this BS now called "white privileged" is being "bantered about, yes,.. by guess who??  Your drummers, that's who!!"

    Anyone of any color can achieve,..  just start playing the right drum.  Look around you,.. do you not see Blacks in just about every endeavor here in America??  In the Auto Industry,..  and not just as assembly men or women either,.. but in leadership roles,..  in movies and TV,.. owners of stores (which from time to time you loot or burn down and destroy in your very own neighborhoods),.. Teachers, professors, ministers, welders, carpenters, auto mechanics, electricians, bus drivers, railroad engineers,.. Sports, ..dang, you name it there are people of every color and stripe of religion, culture, size from 5'2" to 6' and 7' foot men and women doing everything imaginable.  In short, "what's your bitch"??...  is it THEM or is it YOU???

    God, (whether you believe in Him or not) whatever,...  you have the same body, brain, and opportunities everyone else has.  Get with it and take responsibility for yourself, and do the right thing for yourself.  This attitude that it's always someone else's fault you do not succeed is BS.  We have had Presidents, Congressmen, top-knotch athletes, movie stars, people in industry, education and you name it from just about every color, religion, etc.,...  and they all did it on their own initiative, or dreams.   They did it,... and so can you.  It's your choice!!  Go for it!!

  • Never as long as those at the top of the NAACP are still getting money from this government. We have got to remember over the last 80 years the Democrats have controlled the Congress and Senate except for a short time in the 80's and even today the democrats say Ronald Reagan was the worst President we have had in America that really should tell you why the Blacks are still enslaved in America today!
  • NAACP Releases Statement On 2014 Elections, But No Mention Of Mia Love Or Tim Scott's Historic Wins

    The NAACP has given Townhall a statement on the 2014 Midterm Elections:

    The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is committed to leading the effort alongside other civil and human rights organizations and our newly elected Congress to pass a robust Voting Rights Act Amendment.

    Equal access to voting remains paramount as numerous reports of voting irregularities emerged during the midterm elections yesterday. Malfunctioning voting machines, voters turned away because of erroneous voter ID laws, missing names of registered voters and long lines were among the major challenges that the NAACP fielded along with our Election Protection partners via the 1-866-Our-Vote hotline. We assert that passage of a robust Voting Rights Act Amendment is essential for the states previously protected under section 5 as well as for all Americans for the sanctity of our republic. We urge the newly elected Congress to join us in ensuring that all registered voters in our great country have unfettered access to the ballot box.

    Cornell William Brooks, President and CEO of the NAACP:

    “This election was not about who won but the rather the citizens who lost the right to participate. This first election post the Shelby vs. Holder decision resulted in problems in every single state previously protected by the Voting Rights Act. For 49 years, these states were singled out because they had a history of discriminating against American voters. The Election Protection Hotline we manned with other concerned organizations fielded over 18,000 calls yesterday, many in those same states previously protected by the VRA. As we move forward—it is imperative that our newly elected Congress work with the NAACP and our partners to pass Voting Rights Act Amendment legislation that assures that all Americans have the franchise—our very democracy depends on it.”

    There is no mention of Tim Scott or Mia Love’s historic wins this election cycle in the statement. As you can see, it’s mostly about the Voting Rights Act.

    Townhall has reached out again via email to see if the NAACP will like to specifically comment on Love and Scott’s wins last Tuesday, which made history

    Michelle Nealy, who works in the organization's communications office, said in an email:

    The NAACP is a nonpartisan organization that looks forward to working with the new Congress.

    While the NAACP is a nonpartisan organization, surely they could give a statement on whether these wins represent progress in America, especially with Tim Scott since he's the first black U.S. Senator from the South since Reconstruction.

    Townhall also contacted Jamiah Adams, NAACP's digital director, to set up a possible interview with the organization's President and CEO Cornell William Brooks this weekend. Over the phone, she reiterated that the NAACP is a nonpartisan organization, and said we should send her an email to set up a time with his scheduler.  If Mr. Brooks was too busy during that time–Ms. Adams said he was traveling–Townhall said a simple statement about whether Scott and Love's wins represents progress would suffice.

    Hopefully, we'll have an update for you on Monday.

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