Why is it that the Democrat Party, Republican Party, the media, homosexual groups like GLAAD, pro-abortion groups, and all other liberals who spout vile things about the TEA Party and Christians never have one word of criticism about Islam?????   A Christian can’t decline to bake a cake without national outrage but homosexuals being hanged for “aberrant sexual behavior” in Moslem nations bring no response.   If I called a homosexual any “defamatory name or term” such as “teabagger” I would immediately be inundated with the harshest of criticism but Moslems glue a man’s private parts closed and fill him with food and water until he is about to explode then hangs this same person and not a word is heard from the left wing homosexual crowd.

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  • When? HA! Never, that's when.

    GLAAD doesn't (and never will) have the guts to criticize the radical barbarians. For now, they both have one (and it's only one) thing in common with each other. Both GLAAD and Radical Islam vehemently HATE Christianity. To a deviate card carrying GLAAD member, hating Christians is way more important than knowing the 'fact' that Islam would have every single one of them hanging at the end of a rope, faster than you could say, 'Allahu Akbar'!

    Wait minute! I say, let's see if we can arrange for both these groups to actually meet. Lights, camera, ACTION!

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