It's quiet amusing that folks will assume things if one forget's to log on via the tea party page, frankly it just made me fall out of my chair...Yes I'm aware that birth control is used to prevent an egg and sperm from coming together to form a human...It was funny due to how condescending (forgot who it was not important) came off as...Actually I'm on lo dose birth control myself for other medical reasons and do not agree for myself personally with the use of IUD's (I think that's what they are called?) and The Morning After Pill...Plan B eh no thanks...Now it's over the counter?! Uh what?!

First of all regardless of the moral aspects of that, health wise it's dangerous due to the high amounts of birth control in the pill. It can cause internal bleeding in younger gals, not to mention there isn't an age restriction for it any longer? What? I get not wanting folks to know really I do; because I attended a program called Mercy Ministries for the self injury I used to struggle with, and I spoke with some young women who had taken that pill and had complications afterwards not to mention the spiritual complexities of guilt etc.

The answer really for myself has been my unshakable faith, and facing the things struggled with as well as not avoiding them...The culture of avoidance has gotten many where they are now, and baby steps in a positive direction add up even over a months time...The culture of what's good for you is not good for me and it's all relative has frankly got to stop if any lasting change is to be had...

I spoke of this in an earlier blog post, change comes from first the individual then a group of folks of like mind, not the other way around...

Feel free to post your thoughts below, Thanks for reading :)

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  • Just to make it CLEAR... Hank Pannell...I agreed with your entire statement, Until I had to read the ludicrous, uneducated and stupid statement "Now, America will be butchering Babies by Truck Loads".  Realize, Oh, Wise One, The women do still have some say in this matter.  Just because ObamaNoCare has abortions being paid for, Does not make a women want to go out and start having abortions, one right after another.  No increase is babies dying, same women choosing to abort today are the same number aborting tomorrow.  There is always going to be a way to get rid of a pregnancy that is unwanted, undesired and not able to be supported.  Next, those who choose to keep a baby, may keep a baby now, Because the government, tax payers and entire slave class is going to pay for it.  So, Look on the bright side.  YOU will be paying for many babies that otherwise would have been aborted, because Obama and democrats are going to make you pay for their entire life.  That should make you feel better.

  •  When I sign in, I come to view the Current events and Top Items of that day! Your Article caught my eye because of the Supreme Court Case against HOBBY LOBBY and the Birth Control Issue! Because Of OBAMACARE, Every person who signs up for SOCIALIST MEDICINE is a voluntary member of WHOLESALE BABY Murder! WE THE PEOPLE are being forced to support things that we wouldn't ordinarily support, Except for "THE REQUIREMENT" that we agree,Forcibly, to OBAMACARE! This relieves the pressure from The LEGALITY ISSUES Of Roe v Wade and The Current Abortion Issue. Even if Roe v Wade were ever Overturned, Now it wouldn't matter, Because with OBAMACARE, America will be butchering Defenseless Babies by The Truckloads! ... At Taxpayer Expense of course ... For as long as that requirement in OBAMACARE stays in tact! Now, OBAMAS Soul is as Responsible for that life, as is , The Woman who ends it!

  • The true blueprint for living is the Holy Bible.  Every thing you need to know about life and living is in that most honest and true book.  What is wrong with people today can be corrected by reading this fantastic book. 

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