When America Comes Knocking .....


Since the shootings took place in Tucson, I have heard the left ranting and raving against Governor Sarah Palin, talk radio and other conservative pundits in America. Liberals have been like bulldogs fighting over a bone with their scratching and screaming assault on free speech in America.

None of us in the middle or the right of political ideology should be surprised.

None of us in the middle or on the right should expect them to take an inch of responsibility for the mess America now finds itself.

The fact that the Left promoted and anointed such an inexperienced person to the White House, and most Americans fell for this bought and paid for production is enough to make any sane person scream.

So my question is when are YOU, the average American, going to finally believe that you have more brains and commonsense in your little finger than most politicians, past and present? Do you now understand that the 'good ole boys' network in America is destroying your country and that you, via your vote and your inability to credit yourself for having a brain has aided and abetted this situation?

When describing a 'commoner' aka, Governor Palin, as 'too stupid for words,' the old guard – on both sides of the aisle – demonstrates its disdain for the average American. It comes from the Left and the Right because they all know better than any of you how to keep you at each other's throat by useless diversionary tactics and groundless accusations. They know better than you and always will what is good for you so you can just sit your arse down and shut up.

That's the goal. It's what both sides of the aisle want. Either that or they want you to fight with each other. Even better, the Washington ‘elites’ have found a smokescreen that is far more effective: instead of calling you dumb, they can demonstrate how dumb you are by manufacturing a fight or a crisis and then stand back snickering in the corner while you all go at it like high school kids. It’s been like the worst play ever produced in your country pitting American against American.

Political goals are no longer about differences in political ideology; it is now about Right and Left. They no longer care about what is good or bad for America; it must be about American hating American. Disagreement is not allowed anymore. Hate is the goal and so far, they are winning.

From my view here in the North, I cannot help but wonder why, YOU the average American, have no trust in yourself? Do YOU think you are stupid? Too dumb to know right from wrong? Top from bottom? Fiscal responsibility as opposed to a one way train trip to bankruptcy? That is where America is headed and BOTH parties have dragged your country down this road without much protest from the average American.

Content they were that you were ‘dumbed down’ enough and fighting with each other so you would be distracted and just sit down and shut up. Americans, stay out of the way of the elites who know how you should live your life, run your country and interpret your Constitution the way they want to for you. You are too dumb to do so, you know. Where is your diploma from Harvard or the likes?

There is one organization that has stood up and is still standing up to the elites and that is the Tea Party Groups. A wonderful organization of Americans of all colours and all political thinking who are taking action behind the scenes to change the way things are being done in your country. If you are not a member, you need to get up off your couch and find a group to join. This is a turning point in the history of your country and you can be a part of the change or continue to be a part of the problem. Its time to roll America! It's time to show the powers that be just how dumb you really aren't.

Lastly, for those of you with Palin Derangement Syndrome (PD, Governor Palin is an American who knows how to be a leader. Palin leads by example. She may not be a Harvard grad, but she is fast getting an education from America’s political arena of hard knocks. People keep trying to knock her down and she keeps taking the blows.

I give kudos to a real American who loves her country and the people in it. A real politician who knows that the hearts and minds of all good Americans is what will help her save the country she loves. You see, she understands that Americans are not dumb. They were just put to sleep by all the garbage ya'll have been tossing their way for a few years now. In the end, there is nothing dumb about Americans when they gather together under their flag and start their march to take their country back. That began a year or more ago and they are still marching.

When American patriots come knocking on your door, all of you who tried to dumb down your fellow country men and women, look for Palin walking right beside them. Not in front of or behind, but side by side because that in the end is what true leadership is all about.

Just a view from my side of the border.
Cam Vallee, your Northern Neighbour

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  • I believe Sara Palin is the only true  American in government and would trust her with my life.

  • The NEW AGE ARISTOCRACY is now in charge... these princess and princesses of the realm not only act with disdane for us commoners but put on the trappings of royalty... expecting to be above the law and in fact too be the law. 

    The following quote from the main article sums it up:


    "Americans, stay out of the way of the elites who know how you should live your life, run your country and interpret your Constitution the way they want to for you. You are too dumb to do so, you know. Where is your diploma from Harvard or the likes?"

    If there is a serious entitlement morass it is not only limited to the poor on welfare... it is now quite evident that entitlement is now the expectation of the ruling political class.

  • look at her logacly she is smart obama is not, she don,t have to read are have a hiden ear phone to carry on a conversation. she knows from the school of hard knocks not a bought and paid for deploma, she knows how to live not be told how to. THE duke would be glad to call her a real AMERICAN ,not stupied like some one we all know. I don,t see any strings holdeing her up, I guess thats how it is now days the women have the balls now . Just think in 2016 Palin and Rubieo watch out world there,s going to be one hell of a train wreck. I just wish it could be now there may not be a America in 2016

  • i remember some time ago, greta vansustren had a three part interview with sarah palin, and i think on the last segment, and they were in the vast empty tundra, where the oil companies wanted to drill for oil, but there was nothing there, but this flat emtyness. palin (without notes or telepromter) began talking about the energy needs in the united states, and the oil company's, and how she fought with them, as governor, to comply with state and federal standards, but also to comply to where the drilling benefitted alaskans first (every citizen of alaska gets a royality check). she then went on to talk about how to meet the energy needs of the united states, and she named technical details, facts and figues, and talked about solutions, and how the states would benefit....anyway she was talking rapidly, and it was like she was this walking enclycopedia of energy solutions, and i was just amazed on her knowledge and scope of the subject. many people do not want to giver her credit, but her experience is far greater than obama ever was. she was a pta volunteer, then led the pta in her area, she was a successful mayor of her town, and the the governor of her state...she has done it all, and was extremely successful, and even more so now, because she has the freedom to pick and choose, and is not under somebodys thumb.

  • And to answer Jean below...we can see Russia from Alaska..esp since King Obama gave them 7 islands!!!

  • I pretty much agree...the only thing I have ?'d Palin on is her support of McCain....a progressive. He postulates a lot..but...otherwise I am a mama grizzley with her! what we need from McCain now is to stop the posturing and impeach Obama for high crimes and all his staff!!!! well, maybe not impeach since he is anillegally sitting person...but arrest for sure.

  • I got involvied with the Tea Party because i were looking for Americans like myself , that seen what was going terribly wrong with America. Togeather we stopped the over spending in Washington. Then we gathered to stop Obama from haveing a second term, we were close but no cigar this time. Today I am looking for our next move, back McCain and his committy to fight to bring out the truth about benghazi, vote and back our conservities in the next election, support our state officals to stand up to Washington ,like the old drug commericals " Just Say NO!" 

    Thanks to every one here for not selling into the BS coming from Washington.

  • Oh dictator me thinks.  I find it very interesting that so many people are so upset-yet we are a nice lot and Bama figures our upsetness will blow over in few weeks.   Look the sex scandel stopped Benghazi hard questions- like who changed the talking points and when--and Reid has put muzzle on Repuplicans to have a special panel.  But because we are nice we will do nothing but talk and rant and our couintry will be taken over by the socialist regime-and most Americans do not really have a clue.  No the sky is not falling- it already has.   Unless states can take back their powers and/or we can find a person strong and verbal enough--and who can speak the language of the common person.  Many still will not have eyes to see or ears to hear. 

  • Actually, I voted right, the problem was I only voted once.  Unlike several Democrats that I read about.  My Senator does not care, and why should he, since he is of the democratic faith.  My congressman doesn't care either, and right now he is asking himself why he did not get re-elected.  Ane me?  I am only wondering just exactly how many imbeciles there are in this country, and how so many of them got to vote so many times. Well I am wondering about 1 more thing, is ob gone in 4 years or will he be a full blown dictator by then. 

  • I really like her- spunk, integrety--Bama group did eveything they could to totally destroyu her.

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