What Would Jesus Really Do?????


                        I find it very interesting how people view Jesus today.  I am not a bible scholar and cannot quote more than just a few very common scripture verses, but is being able to quote chapter and verse from the Holy Bible really that important?  Knowing what the Bible says is important.  Living by Scripture, especially by the New Testament things taught by Jesus and his Apostles are important, but I find a lot of people who are so quote-crazy they don’t really seem to know much about what they are quoting.

For instance, Jesus is portrayed in most churches that I know of, and by every Christian I know as pious, benevolent, quiet, and soft spoken.  I don’t see him that way at all, at least not all the time.  As a matter of fact I think of Jesus as quite forceful, and a pain in the butt to the bureaucracy of his time; and to the “progressives” who now control our nation.  I see a side of Jesus that is often more like a drill sergeant in the Army. 

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  • I really try to wear the full armor of God but I find most around me forget that God gave us a two edged sword to do some mighty damage to our enemy ! MY GOD is an AWESOME GOD ! And His son , my brother is just like His daddy ! 

  • Johnny, you have the same thoughts I have. I hope this causes people to reflect on what we as Christians are expected to do in life and I don't believe that being politically correct is part of the expectation. We can be kind without cowering in fear of criticism.

  • Wow ! 7 readers and no reply ! LOL ! I sense no hesitation when Christ approached each of the apostles and said stop what you are doing and follow me ! What was it about this man that caused grown men to obey so readily ! He cut Peter no slack when he said , "oh ye of little faith" , and when they were belly aching about food after they had just seen him feed 5000 out of (what) 7 baskets ? What really gets me (above and beyond turning over the tables in the temple) is the way he talked to the Pharisees and Sadduccees , even telling them they were hypocrites ! No , I see Christ as having all good loving characteristics but also one who lost his patience with people for not just listening and not knowing "who" he was !

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