I was detained by a SWAT TEAM at REPUBLICAN REP Tom Rooney’s office/courthouse 3 hours, 1-8-2013.
I was told ‘Capital Police in DC’ said ‘you are a danger’.
I have NEVER threatened anyone !!
WOW, I am 61 year old grandma, and I had met my Rep Rooney 1 time before and wanted to see him again.
It is NOT coming.... it IS now folks..
I am only here to warn ya'll. I kept calm and did not take the bait to yell out to Rooney, when they allowed me close enough to do so... surrounded by a swat team ready to take me out!!! I am a BOLD Christian with Israel on my passport and this is my 5th year #IMPEACHobama on twitter as TIACAROLANN follow me and send this warning to everyone !! see my very 1st YouTube: SWAT TEAM WITH A BOLO ON GRANNY




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  • Obama will push us into revolution....I just hope we do our forefathers proud....!

    Remember folks; in this case, if you value your life and your freedom surrender is NOT an option...Obama and his minions are EVIL.....!

  • Obama is trying hard to establish ObamaNation

  • Mr. Arnold maybe you should consider changing your first name to benidict !

  • Your papers, Please. Sieg Heil and all the other Nazi BS.

  • How can we impeach obama? First off there are no real men in Congress to stand up and bring charges. Second, harry reid would put a stop to it in the Senate. I'd really enjoy seeing obama put in cuffs.

  • Thank you for posting this.
  • These criminals must be really scared because they know they're doing us wrong


  • BOLO = "Be On the Look Out", a suspect etc.

    Sorry, but what actually did happen is what the Video needs to be about, not driveling on about Faith, praying, someone against Obumma and my all time favorite "Born Again" etc. . (I've been screwed by more so called Born Again anythings than any other type/class of People).

    Too many Vids are cluttered with useless chatter that turns most people off and we just close it rather than wasting 13 minutes for an actual 2-3 minutes of possibly important info. multiple times a day watching all different Videos.

  • Time to start recruting for active duty!!!

  • I would much rather be part of an army than to have to face any malitia alone,but I will if I have too!!

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