I was detained by a SWAT TEAM at REPUBLICAN REP Tom Rooney’s office/courthouse 3 hours, 1-8-2013.
I was told ‘Capital Police in DC’ said ‘you are a danger’.
I have NEVER threatened anyone !!
WOW, I am 61 year old grandma, and I had met my Rep Rooney 1 time before and wanted to see him again.
It is NOT coming.... it IS now folks..
I am only here to warn ya'll. I kept calm and did not take the bait to yell out to Rooney, when they allowed me close enough to do so... surrounded by a swat team ready to take me out!!! I am a BOLD Christian with Israel on my passport and this is my 5th year #IMPEACHobama on twitter as TIACAROLANN follow me and send this warning to everyone !! see my very 1st YouTube: SWAT TEAM WITH A BOLO ON GRANNY




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  • This is what happens when the Tea party uses FACEBOOK as a communication device.

    From the daily Mail:

    New privacy fears as Facebook begins selling personal access to companies to boost ailing profits
    The changes mean that companies can track you down on Facebook every time you buy something
    Measures have sparked calls for an official investigation by campaigners who claim that the public have not been properly notified
    Facebook claimed that there are safeguards attached to the new measures


  • Michael, find a group, join, train if you can, if not act as a support person, or donate money, time, skills,etc! Every group needs help, but we have many millions of Patriots in this country. The problem is that they have not yet gotten themselves activated! When they do, LOOK OUT BADGUYS!


  • That is my concern I don't want to be in a position of having to face these Marxist Magots alone, it's not that I am afraid of dying,I have lived a long good life. I just want to be a part of the these Magots eradication


    I would pull out my gun shaped poptart and let them shred me with bullets so the whle world will finally see what tyranny we are under. 

  • Michael Smith! The best way to handle a knock on your door is to be plugged into a local militia, and have a contact tree in place so that if doors are being kicked in, yourf ellow militia brothers will be there to back you up!

    The truth is that if you are standing alone, you will either die alone, or surrender alone! If you and your group have a bug-out plan, or an extrction plan, then you will probably not be there when they show up for you!

    But this I know. I would rather die on my feet, than live on my knees in obediance to a dictatorship! 

    You can make your own call on this matter!


  • I also think we need to encourage as many patriots as possible to attend the 10 million man march.

  • Ok ! Ive got the move out of town part done but I also think we need to get involved with a group like Wild Bills.

  • People ! My friends. Now is the time to watch your and each others's back. This is the begining of the police state of the socialist/communist/Libtard'NAZI state. They will use any excuse to arrest and throw you into those concentration camps that FEMA set up across the country for just that reason. People in every oppress'd society turn a blind eye at first to all the signs untill it's to late. Look at the indecators you have. The Gun Grab coming. Big brother watching, reading and listening to everything you do. The overt threats to your family and friends trying to get you to stay in line or ELSE ! The news media either bullied or in cahoots with the tyrants. If you've done your homework and know your history this is right out of 1933 NAZI Germany. Don't say it can't happen here. You ask what to do ? Well first try to move to an area out of town. Don't put yourself in a no win situation by being cramped in a block of houses where you don't know the person next door or that perso is a known liberal commo lover. Ths is no joke. Must litards I know are zealots. They will gleefully turn your ass in just to score points on the litard score board. You've got even FOX news that either got lied too, were bullied or are openly covering for DHS about the massive purchase of ammo. You know they're not even reporting on the Fakes bogus BC that BHO's own lawyers and Hawaii admited were fake. This will get far worse They're trying hard to silence the people. Remember ? Just like the NAZI's and Comunist did after they took over.  Get ready for the next Waco my friends it's coming.

  • I will defind myself to the end,,,

  • bummernumbnuts can go piss up a rope and take his dhs with him.

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