What the Heck is Up?

With the Responses to the "State of Disillusion Address" being given by the Rino/Rep. Catherine McMorris Rogers Smith Jones Dupree Aloysius Legbiter, the Cultist Mike Lee (Cult of Mormon) it was no wonder that Rand Paul had to chime in. At this rate even I am thinking of who I need to side with. Not the Democrats, not the Rino's, NOT the New Liberals that are infiltrating the Tea Party, or switching sides with Extreme Leftist Wackos. Guess I better look into the , the, the I'm Drawing a Blank.
At Least Vlad Putin has it right. America is Godless under Obama.

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  • Maybe they were awed by Rosa's goofy high five dance. Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D), the Connecticut House Rep. looked immensely foolish at the State of Confusion rant.  Then again, what else could one expect from a delusional DEM? YIKES!


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