What’s up with Facebook?

Because of my conservative views, some liberal must have complained, and for several months I have tried to sign in to my  Facebook account and this is the message I get. “Suspicious activity has been detected on your Facebook account and it has been temporarily suspended as a security precaution. It is likely that your account was compromised as a result of entering your password on a website designed to look like Facebook. This type of attack is known as phishing” I have changed my password several times, contacted Facebook, but they still don’t allow me to sign in. Since I’ve forgot my secret word, Facebook keeps on giving me impossible tasks to identify, such animations on some of my friend’s pages. Is Facebook a liberal organization?



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  • I asked this question on one of my websites, “Is Facebook a liberal organization?” and received an interesting reply. “Absolutely yes, Facebook is a liberal organization! It is also an organization that has an agreement with the white house to monitor conversations and report on users. You are much better off without Facebook.” Does it also mean that every time you use Facebook to sign in onto a web site, the government knows where you’ve been? Fortunately, I have used Facebook to educate many people who keep replying that they like my posts. As of now, I’m done with Facebook and will never use them to sign onto any sight.  

  • we are finding that some things that we try to share on fb . it want let us. specially if it from the teaparty, the blaze. we don't voice our opinions to much, we know we are being watched but we still try to pass on and share

  • Your not the only one having problems w/ FB, I have for months now. If youre commenting,sharing,replying etc on someone elses page, you have to play by their rules. Im banned on every lib page. I had to 1st sigh 3 forms to get back on FB stating basicly I would be a good boy. That didnt last 5 minutes, Ive learned not to go to lib pages. Theres 1000s of conservative pages you can go to,all have their own set of rules, rightfully so. If you violate they can report as spam,ban & delete report to facebook etc. The libs get away w/ anything-theres a double standard way it is. Ive found many ways to get around this. Remember the FBI is monortoring this site 24/7 Im being monortored 24/7 most conservatives that state theyre Christian Conservative Constitutionalists, Bible Reading, following the Constitution are being monortored way it is. If you say anything at all illeagal youre finished making any threats, ask someone to commit a crime youre finished, Go to a friends lap top set up another ID w/ another pass word ive learned Im not the issue our conservative message is. Once your ID is monortored, your computer is also, your pass word is useless,they detect in a second. FB & FBI are in joint force 3 other DC agencies & 2 UN depts all monortoring now. Each of these agencies can hack in a second so watch what you say & where you say it. You go to a lib pg on FB or lib site and say you dont like obama you could be finished quick, let alone say anything else. Good Luck

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