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Want to know what's going on in Egypt. The questions are mine, the answers from a young Egyptian who's in the street, in the middle of the fray:

A very intelligent young man, Shehab El-tawel, who works for my internet partner and I doing web and internet work, is located in Egypt, and has been part of the struggle for democracy. I’ve posed some questions to him and he’s anxious for the American public to understand what’s happening there from the POV of the average man. His English is not perfect (and my Egyptian is non-existent), but in respect for his answers and to make sure I don’t misinterpret what he’s trying to convey, I’ve reproduced his answers verbatim. This will be an ongoing dialog, so watch for more in the near future, featured on my blog fromthepeapatch.com. Shehab has agreed that I may use his real name. My comments delineated with a (C), and in italics and in red on some browsers, follow his answers.

He refers to "Gaz" which is the natural gas Egypt sells to Israel.

He refers to the SCAF, which is defined by wikipedia.com as follows:

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) (Arabic: المجلس الأعلى للقوات المسلحة, al-Maǧlis al-ʾAʿlā lil-Quwwāt al-Musallaḥah, also Higher Council of the Armed Forces) consists of a body of 20[1] senior officers in the Egyptian military. As a consequence of the Egyptian Revolution of 2011, the Council took the power to govern Egypt from its departing President Hosni Mubarak on February 11, 2011.[2][3]

My first set of questions:

Q) It’s my belief and understanding that the Muslim Brotherhood believes that government should be subservient to Islam, that the church should rule over all. How can Egyptians obtain a democracy with a Muslim Brotherhood president?

A) First of all we should agree that Constitution have no relation with the President of Egypt , Every political or regional Faction will share writing the new Constitution. Our Constitution isn't face any danger by Muslims Brotherhood. but all the Danger coming by SCAF . If the president will be from Muslims brotherhood so they just have to help rebuild the country for only four years. and please notice that SCAF took all the powers from the next president. So Muslim Brotherhood have no power here.

C) It’s hard for me to believe that the Muslim Brotherhood has no power in Egypt, and won’t do their best to take over the country, and that a Muslim Brotherhood president will not expedite that eventuality. Remember that Osama bin Laden and most of his followers were members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Q) Our news says that the military is in control and has disbanded the government. That, of course, is not a democratic action. However, if the military believes that the Muslim Brotherhood will eventually destroy any chance of Egypt’s democracy coming to fruition, could they be right?

SCAF is who trying so hard to protect the crimes they did and the money they collected , Its not logical to think that history of 60 years of suffering by the Military rules will be Merciful and more Democracy comparing of the Future of Muslims Brotherhood who we didn't saw yet !

C) There’s no question in my mind that the average Egyptian has suffered under former rulers and under the military. The pity is that Americans have suffered as well, as the billions we’ve sent to Egypt and other countries have long been siphoned off to accounts in Switzerland for the benefit of rulers, not the average man.

3) If the country believes in Sharia Law in the majority, will a democracy ever come to fruition?

A) You talk about Sharia while 90% of the Egyptian Law since 1971 is by Sharia law , There is no way to Put Sharia 100% instead of Law , cause Egyptian's Muslim themselves Doesn't agree. but SCAF always use like this words to scare Muslims and christians. You know that at Feb 2011 the SCAF it self said that USA is about enter egypt to make people leave Tahrir Square ?!.

C) It would be easy for the average Egyptian to believe that the USA would send troops in to squash their revolution. After all, we’ve had troops in Lebanon, Irag, and Afghanistan. It’s easy to misinterpret our intentions as no one points out that we’ve never, since the Spanish American War, stayed in any country we’ve occupied. The only Americans left were in graveyards.

Q) I know that friends of yours have already given their lives to bring democracy to Egypt. If the Muslim Brotherhood gains control of the government, and democracy becomes a sham, will those same young freedom fighters rise up against the Muslim Brotherhood, or are they one and the same?

A) We wont allow any Faction to jump on the Democracy , We would happily bleed again for defend our freedom . by the way i'v noticed that you miss to know that 80% of Egypt population hate Muslim Brotherhood ( youth, normal muslims , christians, police, army ). You talk like Muslims Brotherhood have the power to jump on the Democracy and law , While they are so week , and every one at Egypt watching them so closely !

C) I hope and pray that Shehab is correct in this, and that I’m totally over estimating the power of the Muslim Brotherhood. Shehab, from your lips to God’s ears, no matter which God you pray to.

Q) Our mutual friend advised me that you and most Egyptians feel that America is trying to control the Middle East with our military intervention and money. How would Egyptians feel if America stopped giving the billions of dollars annually to Egypt, and if so would they merely turn to Russia or China for aid?

A) Actually we don't need any money from USA , and Egyptians have said this many times.

IF USA stopped spending the taxes of americans on how to grant safety for Israel, and stopped supporting the traitors who steal our Money and sell our Gaz to israel like ( Mubarak & SCAF members ) , we wont need to go west nor east for anything. USA paid Mubarak "Not Egypt" all the previous years cause of Camp-David. and the prove that egypt really doesnt need USA money that , Egypt have been stolen since ages , and still no one at this country die out of hunger .

C) I hope every member of Congress and the president reads this particular answer. As I’ve said many, many times, we can’t buy friends, particularly when the money we send is gleaned only by those in power and does not go to help the man on the street, and his family. How stupid are we?

L. J. Martin http://fromthepeapatch.com

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