What It's All About

What it's all about was a title I place on a photo I submitted on the 13th and one comment was to maybe post a Blog once or twice a month about it so here it goes.


As I watched the Presidents speech on The State of the Union I thought I heard remarks about fiscal responsibility and reducing the redundancy of BIG GOVERNMENT (ak the Salmon solution ). Shortly after those statements I heard INVESTMENT in this project, or that program. How can we believe that the President with his new 1.5 trillion deficit can be seen as anything other than the spend and tax master of this Century. I was wondering if anyone else heard the same trap I heard?

There was one exciting thing that did happen at the speech. As I looked at the podium while the President was speaking I didn't have to look at Nancy.

Freedom is ours to cherish and protect. Watch the left and right hand of all government entities, as they move forward with their agendas on " what is best for the American's". Insist that the future has the freedom that our founders from the past believed in!

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