Pilate looked at Jesus Christ just before He was handed over to a mob to be crucified and ask Him, WHAT IS TRUTH? Jesus had already said all that He was going to say on the matter. Pilate then went out to the people and declared, I FIND NO FAULT IN HIM.. That didn't matter the crowd, they still cried, CRUCIFY HIM, CRUCIFY HIM. and that is exactly what they done.

When the question is ask today, what is truth, do we have a standard to go by to decide what truth is or is it just in the minds of a person that declares something to be true? Are we lead by the same mob rule today and  there are truly no guide post in our country to establish what truth is?

Have we become a country that is willing to have (mob rule) void of truth in any situation? If that is the case, where does it stop?

Pilate turned Jesus over the crowd to appease the crowd. they said, His blood be on us, and our children.(Matthew 27:25) and they got what they ask for..

When a mob is allowed to rule in any situation then a country is out of control and void of wise leadership. The political system in Pilate's day was corrupt,.he would do anything to please the people.

Truth is still as powerful as it ever was, We that believe in the rule of law must stand for it at all cost. if not the unspoken truth is that the blood of the innocent will be on our hands and the hands of our children.

TIME IS A PROPHET THAT HAS NEVER TOLD A LIE.  The future will show us for what we are.

It doesn't matter if it's a white policeman in a little town or any other person that is just trying to do their job, if we refuse to establish the rule of law and stand on the principles of truth and righteousness then we are no better than the mobs of any nation or third world country.

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