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What is the Tea Party‭?

Just the mention of‭ “‬Tea Party‭” ‬evokes strong emotions and comments on all fronts.‭ ‬It is‭ ‬no longer possible for the Tea Party to be ignored.‭ ‬Politicians and the left wing have been trying to negate the effects that this movement has had on the election process in the last two election cycles.‭ ‬The people who believe in the basic principles of the Tea Party have managed to elect conservative members of the Senate and House of Representatives,‭ ‬as well as many state and local positions.

King Obama,‭ ‬Harry Reid,‭ ‬Nancy Pelosi as well as other Democrats and left wing pundits have called Tea Partiers anything from unpatriotic, terrorists,‭ ‬arsonists,‭ ‬traitors and many others that cannot be mentioned here. So what is the Tea Party?

The Tea Party is composed of like minded patriotic individuals in a loosely organized group with no central command organization. All groups are autonomous and answer only to the local members of any group. It is a phenomenon that occurred due to the left taking great strides in their attempts to destroy the democratic nature of this great country. With the election of Barrack Obama in 2008, promises were made to fundamentally transform the United States. Great hope and fanfare was present when he was elected. Only the left had an idea of how drastically they could get the country to turn into a socialist state with a tyrant at its head.

Almost immediately upon his election and taking his oath of office in 2009, Barrack Obama immediately set about socializing and expanding the powers of the Federal Government, in order to mould the country into one run by an overgrown federal government and one he was determined to control every aspect of our daily lives through fear.

History has taught us that tyrants, no matter what the country, begin their careers by promising to better everyones lives and do much better for them, than their predecessors. Barrack Obama, was no different. A wolf in sheeps clothing , he promised to fundamentally transform the United States. What he didn’t say, was that he wanted to install a socialist government, through big government programs, lies, intimidation and force. He has succeeded to some extent, with Eric Holder the dirty work as Attorney General in what is being called “Fast and Furious” and trying to destroy the Constitutional rights given to citizens of the United States in our Constitution. Katherine Sibilius as Secretary of Health and Human Services, who was responsible for the disasterous implementation of ObamaCare. Chuck Hagel Secretary of the Defense, to weaken and demoralize the military by denying them the opportunity to worship if they are Christians. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, current Secretary of State forging closer ties to enemies of the United States. The Department of Homeland Security is training for civil unrest after attempting to purchase all available ammunition for assault rifles. The EPA is ramping up regulations to effectively halt coal fired energy that they attribute to “global warming. We have a government that is allowing islamist extremists to infiltrate different aspects of our government at the highest levels.

If we have learned nothing else in history, it is that, When a lie is told to enough people, enough times, they will eventually begin to believe it. Now, this is where the Tea Party comes in.

People who call themselves Tea Party members, are simply identifying themselves with other like-minded individuals in that they are patriots, not willing to give up their country without a fight. And fight we will, to reinstate the principles of our founding fathers:

A government based on the rule of law where all parties are treated equally,

That our Second Amendment rights to bear arms will never be abridged and that our weapons of self-defense will never be confiscated.

That our rights under the First Amendment, to the practice of religion and free speech not be abridged.

That the president provide a physical,‭ ‬original copy of his birth certificate to We the People and submit himself to the scrutiny of qualified forensic experts.

The Internal Revenue Service must be abolished entirely leaving in place only a reasonable consumption or flat tax.

The National Security Agency's‭ (‬NSA‭) ‬over-broad and unconstitutional spying on American citizens needs to be curtailed and limited to those who are legitimately related to terrorism,‭ ‬terrorist acts,‭ ‬or those who are or could be linked to breaches of national security.

The rules of engagement,‭ ‬which favor Muslim jihadists,‭ ‬must be changed in order to preserve the lives of American military units.

The attempt at socializing the United States of America by enacting the unconstitutional health care plan Obamacare must be blocked, and Obamacare as it stands must be repealed.

Immigration reform is critical to our nation's survival. We must strengthen our Border Patrol and seal the borders and not allow any illegal immigrants into the country. We must come up with a commonsense plan that does not allow for amnesty for illegal aliens as well as deportation of same.

Deny special treatment of the children of illegal aliens by giving them preferential treatment not afforded citizens of the United States.

There are many more areas of agreement that we would agree on, but one thing is this, Tea Party members actively involved at the local, state and federal levels in their desire to preserve our liberties and our rights under the law. We come from different races, different ethnicity, and economic backgrounds. We are not ogres, arsonists, terrorists, traitors of killers as the President, the leftists, Senator Reid, and even some in the republican party have labeled us. But We the people are willing to fight and uphold these principles.

This is what it means to be a tea party member.

Robert Bradshaw

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  • The Tea Party, as I see it, is just an embracing of the original intent.  Anyone who has studied the constitution, the declaration of independence, the papers of the founders, articles and the language of the day can tell you that the people we currently have in office, on both sides, aren't as well schooled as we would like.  They swore an oath to preserve, protect and defend something they don't understand.  Our representatives on both sides are simply holding on to power.  They will say whatever they need to to get back in to office.  There is no lie to big, or bribe, that they won't grasp onto.   The founders are spinning in their graves.  Benedict Arnold is smiling.

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