What Is Going On!

The fierce battle in Florida over who is the most conservative is of no interest to me.  Both Romney and Gingrich have impressive past records, but nothing like the present situation has ever occurred. Too much spending is the problem. It reminds me of pulling a 15,000 pound RV behind my tow truck in the mountains.  There was no problem with the power of my tow truck. The problem was the brakes. I had to gear down and move slowly on long downgrades, lest the brakes got hot and ineffective.

Too much spending says our speed it too great. How to slow down and not heat up the brakes; how to slow the spending and not lose control is the problem. The front-running candidates have not given us the specifics. Obama has a billion dollars to point out the weakness of his opposition. We know what he is going to say.  “I’m conservative; you are liberal” and a dollar will buy you a cup of coffee. Who cares?  They are all peas in the same pod.

Specifically, what do we know the front-runners are going to do to slow down spending that we’ve not already heard over and over and over?  The result of entitlements is over-spending. Putting the brakes on entitlements overheats the brakes.  Obamacare is a sneak attack on entitlements and a raise in taxes, especially against small business.  And what do the Republicans offer?  The proof is in the pudding.  They don’t have the answer. Conservative is like trying to capture moonbeams. Where’s the beef?

I proved in court that entitlements come ahead of taxes. I proved that the IRS is allowed unlimited mistakes in tax collection. It is all recorded. I proved that the combination of income tax and entitlements put me out of business.  The combination has taken millions of small businesses out—small business responsible for seventy percent of the jobs in America—and yet the front-running candidates have nothing to say about it.  Romney is proud that he is a successful businessman, who, by the way, paid 14 percent income tax on his millions of dollars of income, thanks to rules that make no sense.  I’m so happy for him. The income tax put me out of business. 

Romney doesn’t mention that the federal wheel of fortune does not come up with lucky numbers for many.   He doesn’t offer anything specific to change luck for hard work.  Romney had a rich and famous father to help him out. I didn't. I got put out of business because I didn't earn millions. The IRS is aware of that. They go after the likes of me, not the Romneys. Romney ought to be ashamed of himself, and Gingrich, too. Both are millionaires with no experience of what it is like being an ordinary Joe, the plumber. As far as I'm concerned, they are no better than Obama.

Everyone readily admits that the income tax code is unfair. Congress has been doing something about it 30 years, and succeeded only in making income tax more and more complex. In 2010, General Electric earned $14 billion and paid no income tax. GE’s tax return was 57,000 pages long, and yet the front running candidates have no specifics on what to do. And Obama wants to raise the tax on the rich.  Is it any wonder that we’re heading for the rocks?

Republicans, part of the establishment, are part of the problem. It is six of one and a half dozen of the other. They all speak in terms of the symptoms of the problems they caused. Only Ron Paul has an answer of what to do—after we are out of the mountains. For 30 years Congressman Paul has had the answer. 

Currently, we have no answers from the candidates.   What is going on is our fault. We are not demanding answers. 


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