What is Behind the Talk of White Genocide?

Marxist-racists enjoy chronicling horrific events that caused the 20th century to witness the largest number of systematic human slaughters, of any century across history. The genocide process is simple because the media does the prep. As the will to genocide grows, a racial target is picked out, demonized, and then targeted for genocide, by the media.

What are the contemporary psychological means that Marxist-racist political leaders use to convince groups of individuals to commit horrific acts in the name of a political or military cause? Massacres in Nanking, Rwanda, El Salvador, Vietnam, and other countries should be remembered in chilling detail, as political successes for evil. But the core issue is what psychological forces are behind large- scale genocide or mass murder?  What psychology can be used to indoctrinate apparently normal people who are both racially prejudiced and prone to emotional violence?

Black people, for example, are suggestible and historically prone to a Groupthink that moves individuals to mass murder brutally and without regret, even when the victims are innocent children. Research black racial history to learn how many times blacks have carried out terribly brutal genocide against white people. African blacks are also the first race to market slaves of their own people and other races to Moslem slave traders.  

Black individuals are also easily convinced to commit carnally sadistic acts, against mostly timid and violence avoiding white people. For years black men and women have used threats, beatings and other coercion against white people from childhood racist gangsterism in the schoolyard, to threatening, raping and murdering white adult victims.

Blacks learned how to scare white children while in grade school. They also discovered that adult white teachers were either so afraid of them, or so sexually attracted to them, or so happy that they “got even with racist whites,” that black thugs realized they could get away with murder and every crime short of it.  

Thus American blacks, exploiting the simple rules of coercion and threatening, have used racist terrorism to get from perennial US leftist political administrations, billions of dollars in handouts annually, a free ride with guaranteed passing grades through all levels of educations, first hiring at all jobs from which they could be fired, and to demonstrate the most bullying and thuggish behavior without being punished as adults. Racist criminality is very successful criminality!

The problem with being treated as both great sex objects and victims simultaneously is that by living lies and benefiting from them, blacks further corrupted themselves. They learned that most white females wanted sex with them, because the media constantly claimed that blacks were sexual supermen with huge human organs. The media modeled beautiful white girls with ugly blacks for decades in commercial and movies and so it become.

The media increased its lies by disallowing blacks to ever be presented in a bad light in any television show, commercial or movie. Blacks were never depicted as they really are. They also modeled blacks as bosses, crime lords, mayors senators and presidents, and suddenly a large minority of idiotic whites demanded black presidents forever. Over 98% of blacks are racist, too.

 Simultaneously white males are being depicted in commercials, television dramas, and in movies, as childish cowards, with neither sophistication or sexual prowess, and most white women began to believe that. In 2007, when white male courage and intelligence had reached such a low point that Marxist black racists and moslems were sure that they could takeover America, the die was cast. A number of immoral jewish billionaires provided the money, and bribed thousands of judges, republicans, the Electoral College and other door-openers. Thus the obama dictator ship was spawn in criminal avarice.

Now the enemies of freedom goose-stepped ahead quickly. They noticed than when fixed elections and media bigotry became well known to white people, they did not rise up to fight for justice, they just got more afraid and ignored reality.

 The weakening of the target white population by years of media subversion, went beyond our enemies’ fondest dreams.  The humiliation and condescension heaped upon white men by the media, was horrendously axiomatic.

Now the blacks looked around them, saw a black dictator in place and a republican party that groveled and helped that dictator. Next they so that conservatives were very anxious to get on the “black is god,” bandwagon too. Suddenly both political parties, ignoring what their constituencies wanted,  demanded only black-skinned negroes as their forever bosses and president too.

Now the blacks are ready for white genocide. So the black panthers and every other black racist organization possible  came crawling out of the now affluent, non-working ersatz black nobility.  Then the blacks began to murder white people and there is no stopping them. Dictator obama applauds their violent zeal. Now conservative republicans are falling all over themselves to promote black Ben Carson as “their black president.” They even lie and claim that Carson is a conservative just like them and is tantamount to “supreme commander of the universe, First Class”.  The weakness and stupidity of such insane whites, is appalling.

After being indoctrinated by the media for decades, that target white  victims are “unjust, racist, inhuman and “viral like a virus” blacks are champing at the bit for mass murder. Blacks are ready to destroy that whites virus and threaten that “whites will be mass-murdered, without any police protection of whites, or blacks will destroy society.

 In the meantime, conservative-republicans, like a gang of morally deranged coyotes are even more crazy for Ben Carson as president.  Such racist swine are truly insane and we must stop them by any means possible

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