What I did today

I wrote a short note to Timmie Kaine. What do you all think . Too nice?I said it first but now news sites are using it. Fools. Any congress member voting for a no win situation like Syria is a fool. Your buddy Barack , is setting the whole congress up for the blame. Assad is not the bad guy here, Obama is. He is supporting radical Muslim fighters and the Muslim brotherhood. If you can't see that you ARE a FOOL. Do you really think a Lilly white Christian like your self is going to be one of the elites when Obama destroys this country?Fool. Get your head out of obamas ass and stand up for our country, or expect to look for a new job and a new home out of Virginia when this is over. The true American Patriots will keep our country. No thanks to fools like you.If you have the balls reply with your pitiful excuses. Fool
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