What happened to the tea party?

I have become more saddened by the lack of focus on what this movement should be on. I agree terrorism is an important now adays but to focus what seems like 99.9% of posts on subject is a bit much. We should be making our politicians accountable and calling them out for doing nothing on important issues.

 While we have the health care issue up in the air a budget that is still not balanced or even real plans to correct it coming down the pipe we have our congress doing hearings on rediculous issues. Lets return our focus on what this movement was founded on. Upholding the constitution making politicians accountable for their actions. Listening more to those these policies affect and not the lobys that donate millions. I am sure if the movement stops regurgitation some glen beck inspired rant and instead talks about the real issues.

 The issues that made the tea party a talking point during the ellection are still unsolved. Healthcare is in limbo, the debit is out of control no big cuts are done. We have an unconstitutional tax of income as outlined in the constitution. We have two wars going on and still have unchecked spending and waisting billions of dollars there. We have states now legislating against unions. I ask if the whole party stood up and said hey we pay our members of congress 180,000 a year they dont pay for their health plans and have pension plans when 90% of americans lost theirs if they even had it to begin with. Turn up the heat make them know they have hundreds if not thousands of people who want action want a plan and not just during an election year. We deserve someone who says what they mean and has a plan.

 I sent a full plan to washington and my senators a plan to cut the amount the major drug manufactures can use to advertise for drugs people will have to see a doctor for anyways. I outlined over the next 10 years the savings on drug prices and less advertising money combined with lower amount paid out for the drugs would save 1.3 billion dollars. Now on a state level it would save 200 million. We need more people thinking of real ways to get us moving in a dirrection. Please stand up make some calls write some emails tell them we are watching them and tired of this from both partys.

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  • Correct we all stand as americans regaurdless of what religion nationality we are. Well put
  • Simply said, United We Stand, Divided We Fall.  How is it that many Americans have forgotten one of the most important fundamentals of this nation?
  • Col. I could not have said it better. If u dissagree with the founder on this site or other posts they call you a muslin or something else I cant write. We do need to stick to the issues and be as educated about the things we as a party were formed to defend. We cant exclude people or ideas bc some dont agree or are to narrow minded to comprihend. We need more people like those who respond active in the tea partyed to this post
  • About 80% of the TEA Parties I've been involved with have been hijacked by their own ignorance, not to mention their political naivety.   First, they confuse requiring potential members and posters to have 'their version of Jesus' with the Constitutional First Amendment; and Second, they live under the delusion they can whine and weak-knee namby-pamby their way into Offices of Global Power and Control.


    Both are exercises in abject stupidity.


    All the TEA Parties – and supporting Independents – need to establish a Priority List of Demands, and enforce their Demands with an absolute ZERO TOLERANCE upon those who fail any part thereof.   For example:


    Restore and Enforce the Constitution;

    Audit and Abolish the Federal Reserve;

    Audit and Abolish the Internal Revenue Service;

    Audit and Abolish the Department of Education;

    Audit and Abolish the Department of Homeland Security;

    Audit and Abolish all Foreign Aid;

    Audit and Abolish all Military Assistance;

    Audit and Abolish our Involvement in Iraq;

    Audit and Abolish our Involvement in Afghanistan;

    Audit and Abolish our Involvement in Pakistan;

    Audit and Abolish all Military Contract Services;

    Repeal ObamaCare;

    Repeal the Patriot Act;

    Repeal the Military Commissions Act;


    A real list would be much longer … but no less necessary.


    Colonel Robert F. Cunningham,



  • As a group we need to offer up common sense solutions the fiscal irresponsibility in Congress.


    With the 2012 budget we should demand they enforce one simple process.  In order for each agency to spend the monies appropriated to them by Congress, said agencies must submit to a procedural audit where their operations are reviewed for applicability and efficiency.  Further, the resulting reports should be made public on the web for We the People to review.  At the end of t review (same tax year) said agencies must submit the compliance plan to clear up inefficient and inappropriate operations.  Non-compliance results in a 50% decrease in the current and future appropriations.


    Write your representatives and push this suggestion.  Then, and only then will we see sensible changes made that will bring their insane spending down.

  • If the teaparty held fundraisers locally picjed everyday people to run wgi have a vision can speak well and with out looking like jessie venture(sorry stil a big fan) with conspiracys on evertging you might see half a dozen members of congress in the next few years from the tea party.
  • Yes. U agree. I think issues luke crime can be delt with without gub bans. We need to trim the fat of congress. Add term limits so we keep fresh ideas coming and politicians start viewing this as public service what a crazy idea huh. Cut salaries of those public servers and get them to work. If they cant work together give us the power to do a special election have em removed. I dont care if ur a democrat,republucan just do the damn job ur elected to do. My point of the post is I think the tea party can be more effective if it focuses more on the issues and less on birth cirtificates and conspiracy theories that all muslims are just waiting to kill us or take over.
  • I like what your saying above unfortunately current events being what they are this is where people like us can express our concerns and hope that if enough of us band together we can take back our government. Obama has offered deals to the pharmaceutical companies by making sure we all have medical plans so they can sell more drugs. In turn they pay more taxes. The government does not pay to advertise these drugs, the drug companies do. What we need to do is reduce our federal and state budgets. I want to know why we have multiple Senators and assembly men employed by us who do very little for us. These officer's get huge bugets to take care of the concerns of thier constitutes and instead are employing their mothers, brothers, wives and children. Then finding projects for their biggest donating special intrest groups. Most of the money wasted are on projects you and I would probably never aprove of. They take our money and make us pay for golf fields, remodeling of their work spaces, trips various countries and the list goes on and on. Why should a NY rep need to fly to Bahamas to converse with other reps. Do phones no longer work. Why is our president giving any other country money when we cant balance our budget. We need a law that says there will be no funds sent to any other country while we have an unbalanced budget. There will be no pork money spent without a balanced budget. Then when special interest groups ask for money we can say if we can afford it. Our government must learn to spend within our means. I think we all need to say stop giving away our money. And for the huge amount of money we are taxed taxing us more to balence it should not be an option. We need a cap not a vat.
  • I can most assuredly testify, Sean, that the Tea Party, and this particular site, is anywhere but out-of-touch.  Steve has it exactly right, as he should well know.  The most distressing thing to me is, that we can't be more effective, despite what we all do.  The death-knell of this nation can be heard in the halls of Congress, in the words of that usurper in the White House, and on all of the MSM "News" programs.  It is being writ large in our "public" schools.  It is propelled by misinformation, flat-out lies, and distortions throughout the national conversation.  It has been in the works for many many years, and is coming to fruition.  Your passion is needed, and appreciated, but direction can only be consistent with an understanding of the very basic principles we were founded on, and a dedication to return this nation to that noble undertaking.  Being a founder of a Tea Party here in Georgia, and in contact with many other people, founders and members alike, I can assure you that this movement is going nowhere but up in message, and action.  Unfortunately, I sometimes wonder if it will be enough to stop the juggernaught of the Obama's, Pelosi's, Reid', Schumer's, Durbin's and all the rest.  The range of issues that need to be addressed are formidable, and we all try to do our part.  Many local Tea Parties are unwilling, or unable, to focus on issues other than their own  local emergencies.  Those of us who are able to spend time in alternate formats besides our own local callings, see this clearly and I, for one, welcome it.  There is not enough we CANNOT DO.  The pressing issues of the day call out for a resiliency and a dedication that is made more essential only by the actions of those who would destroy us.   You have outlined a litany of complaints about which nothing has been done, but assume that we've not done enough?  What would you have us do?  I've got some ideas, but most of them aren't legal.  We are working the hardest that we can with a very tilted hand.  The dealer is a criminal, and we're trying to play by rules that aren't recognized anymore...those being Faith in God, Honesty, and the return of the principles that made this nation great to begin with.  I think the actions you have undertaken personally are fantastic, & more needs to be done by all of us along those lines.  Your reps don't know where you stand until you let them know, and even then you may be ignored.  But the forum represented here is essential...there are things discussed here that are desperately needed to be brought out into the open that aren't discussed in other places...and are of the utmost importance. 

  • Sean, it may seem the Tea Party is out of focus, however, I look at it as a phase we are in.  Many can not have a 24/7 commitment because they have jobs, families and house payments.

    However, there is much going on. Here at TeaParty.org we send out over 1.5 million Newsletter emails per week. We drop over 750k snail mailers per month, we send almost 600k faxes to Washington, many of our members represent hundreds even thousands of other Patriots in their own groups and many of our articles are published on news-websites seen by millions. I and several of our members are on the radio and TV weekly speaking to millions.


    In addition we have several new projects coming up that will reach millions of voters.  Are we marching on Washington? NO, we are busy building our infrastructure, saving up for 2012 elections and the list goes on.


    Therefore, since you may not see much life, I assure you there is a lot of life.

    On the subject matter issue, look at our platform on this page. We are the ONLY T. Party with such a platform, and as a matter of fact, Dr. Michael Savage praises us!


    Do we talk about other stuff as well? Sure, why not, we are among friends!

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