How people become frantic and cower to absurd fears imposed upon them by ill informed politicians who enforce ridiculous restrictions, causing distancing of physical interactions is beyond comprehension.

We are now witnessing the results of a dumb-down educational system no better than on medieval level and standards. Hence, it is easier to corral masses of people into a mode of 'thinking' leading into, at times, a pasture of destruction with a cliff nearby. It is curious that no one is questioning the validity or the necessity to panic over something that may or may not exist in reality as an initial cause of death; due to a lack of understanding it, totally. Most of the medical experts are not helping to alleviate the panic but, carelessly, exasperating the situation, by not allowing other competent, medical experts contribute their input, outside the mainstream, who might have a better understanding of the psycho-socio-medical implications.

It is an extraordinary phenomena that people take faith in political judgments as the gospel of safety and good health, not realizing that they are not God; yet believing they are god-like; allowing them to override  reasoning and good old horse sense.   Furthermore, what complicates the matter even worse is having an, overanxious, medical expert force supporting it, most likely, for nefarious reasons of self gain. 

Now that many Americans have much time, confined in their home and cubicles, they can ponder about the rationale and motive behind this intended or unintended sham: the "virus scare".  A good rest, sometimes, brings us back to are senses, and sometimes not.

Joseph Phillip De Marco

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