what about nafta

within hours of the signing of nafta american jobs started leaving.I would like everyone running for congress in november to be asked how they stand on repealing nafta.As long as we have global trade we will be bothered by the same problems as europe and the rest of our trade partners. every time we by a product made in another country a american job is more likely to remain gone.nafta has been a failure for the american worker an must be repealed. It has destroyed the middle class and will finally leave only rich and poor.I think our movement can bring this topic back to our congress in november if we demand it and ask them how they feel about it make it clear. It seems no one listens to the people anyway so we the tea party should boycott all products made outside the U.S.and all companies that took bailouts.congress thinks it has power of the purse but we the people truly have the power demand our jobs come home
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  • washington is not listening to the need of it,s people,....jobs,economics,world trade,the borders..washinton is working on... one world order...why hasn,t any one requested an inpeachment over the health care law...i will remember in nov!!!!!!
  • The "NAFTA" was an idea promoted by President George H.W. Bush who handed it-off to President Bill Clinton when he took office who sold it to the Congress saying it would "Create millions of high-paying jobs in the export industries" but it resulted in millions of Americans' jobs being exported to Mexico.

    The U.S. Chamber of Commerce members have profited greatly from the NAFTA and they"share the wealth" with the Democratic and Republican members of Congress that it makes campaign contributions to so they will continue to vote for "Free Trade Agreements."

    When companies finally start hiring here in the U.S. Americans are, Click Link: Going To Have A New On-The-Job Experience
  • Amen! It seems that Nafta turns out to be a trick on Americans. It can be likened to the so called "green jobs" that were promised by Obama. They are just imagined. I find it hard to understand why our leaders can not see this. When our young people first try to enter the work force they need jobs. They need a place to start out. The manufacturing jobs that have left our country are jobs needed for our young people to gain experience. It seems all that America exports now is fast food and law suits. We need to renegotiate or abolish these treaties.
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