Well done with the Tea Party Command Center

Well done with the Tea Party Command Center

I've been a member for a while but havn't been back here since Sept. of 2019. It looks like the script was changed and I have to learn how to navigate this site all over again. The founders did an excellent job re-designing it. OK, I'll now help steer Republicans this way. Facebook just put me in jail until Nov. 15th so I will help Tea Party Command Center. The only reason I stay on Facebook is I have a fairly popular group. Other than the group and the messaging in other groups I do I feel Facebook is a place I don't desire to be at. 

I did try to share a link to my group even though I cannot post and a message appeared that said, "This Message Cannot Be Posted Because Members Reported It As Abusive Language". Yes, Facebook has labeled "Tea Party Command Center" as abusive language. I have noticed that Republican activity has deminshed over the past few years and now I know why. I at first thought Republicans got Donald Trump elected and didn't need to campaign as much but now I know it's Facebook harrasing Republicans and Republicans stopped frequenting Facebook.


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Written By James Allan

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  • "Admin. Dee" If I may make a suggestion, create each members individual news feeds for the people they friend like facebook. I started looking to friend people so I could build my news feed up and realized I did not have my own news feed that displays the posts that my friends make. I also noticed people are not friending each other much. I have to go to a persons page to friend them and that's kinda a pain.

    I'm only mentioning this because I want to see more Republican web sites go big especially "Tea Party" web sites. Personal news feeds seems to work and are popular. Friending each other to build up one's news feed is essential. I've always liked the Command Center but the script didn't delight me. I like it better now, just add personal news feeds for people who friend each other. Copying Facebook functions isn't supporting Facebook. I was on the "Tea Party Patriots" Ning web site when it was open and they had all the bells and whistles. This site is a Ning site so what's what? Thanks Dee!
    Welcome back! Facebook is not friendly to Conservatives!

    Steve did a great job with the redesign and we are now mobile friendly.
  • Before Trump won there was lots of Republican activity. After Trump won there's decreased Republican activity and now it's know that Facebook has been harassing us endlessly to dampen our voice and it worked. I was shadowed banned on Twitter so I don't even go there anymore.
  • I too got shut out of Facebook for differentiating between BLM standing for Black Lives Mattter and Burn Loot Murder.
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